Friday, February 4, 2011

8 is Great – Part 2 {The Party}

Soooooooo…I have been super busy planning my sons birthday party and now that it is over, it is time for  me to share with you my sons Movie Themed birthday party.  I had so much fun preparing for it and the kids had more than their fair share of fun at the party.  It started out with the birthday invitation which I threw together with my digital scrapbooking embellishments and Photoshop.

J - BDay Invite edited  

I also made this movie poster in Photoshop.

Despicable Me

I had it printed and framed as part of the table scape.

Table Scape - 1

Table Scape - 2 

We even rolled out the red carpet. (Borrowed from a very good friend.)

Red Carpet 

We had tickets hanging from the back of the chairs.  Once the kids arrived, we sent them in to the kitchen to find their chairs and claim their tickets. 

Kitchenstar Table

(The popcorn bin, tickets, stars and balloons were purchased at Party City.)

Then the fun at the Concession stand started.

The Party

(The popcorn boxes, hot dog trays and straws were purchased at Hobby Lobby and the clear containers are from Dollar Tree.)

We served popcorn, treats, soda, hot dogs and pizza.  Casey worked behind the counter.  He had to fight a few of them off. (wink, wink). The kids kept coming back for more, but once their tickets were gone that was it.  We didn’t want anyone going home sick from junk food overload, or getting sick on our watch. :)

They watched their movie box car style.


We found this idea in the Family Fun Magazine. 


Casey and the boys were in charge of this part of the party planning.  They went on a hunt for bigger sized boxes as well as shoe boxes.  The boys painted the front of the cars and then glued black paper plates on the side for wheels.  The shoe box is stapled to the side of the bigger box to hold the concession treats.  (the magazine showed this being attached with big clips, but we didn’t have any on hand)  This worked out so good.  It kept the boys entertained and sitting in ONE spot while watching the movie.  That was all I could hope for.

After the movie it was time to celebrate with cupcakes and presents.

Birthday Hat

(The party hat was purchased at Hobby Lobby on MAJOR clearance.  A couple of bucks if I remember right.)

Dinning Room


To go with our movie theme, we had popcorn cupcakes. 

Cupcake - 1

Here is a closer look.


The idea is from the Family Fun Magazine.  If you want to know how to make these, click here.  They were so easy and such a fun addition. My kids helped me make them.

For party favors we had #8 balloons tied to a popcorn container.  Inside was  popcorn, treats and tickets to take home.



Party Favors

(Popcorn containers were from Target in the $aisle. )

Since I am not a mom who can invite the whole school class to a birthday party, Jake invited some of his best friends. He has some pretty cute friends, 


who had a lot of fun!  I would rate this party a huge success from a parents point of view as well as the partiers.  :)


Beth Curtis said...

it is amazing! You did such a great job. I love all the details. How brilliant to have all the kids in boxes! That is my kind of party!

Alison Woods said...

WOW! I wish I could throw a party like that. You're amazing.

Eileen said...

How very adorable!

Unknown said...

That's an adorable party! Great job!

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Love this party idea, down to every little detail. The box cars were too cute. You are such a good mommy!

Ethan is going to be two in March (can't believe it!) I need to start thinking of some party ideas for him. I know he is only two, but I really want to do something special. We shall see!

Unknown said...

WOW...amazing... I love the cars ideas= drive in theater style!! TOO CUTE! You made one birthday boy- very happy!!! love it!

Brynne said...

I love Family Fun magazine too! I think you should be a writer for them :) Or at least contribute to their ideas, implement ideas, or take pictures of them--you do a wonderful job! Another bonus of the boxcars: spilled popcorn is all boxed up when they're done! Looks like a great party with fabulous decor!

Lindsey Jensen said...

That is the cutest party I have ever seen!! Good job, I love it!! He is one lucky boy to have such an awesome mom!!

Andrea said...

It turned out awesome. You did a great job. I love the favor idea. I am so impressed with the cupcakes too. I like how it all came together.
I think I am going to make boxes like that just for movie nights at our house;keep them contained.
You are so creative, and a wonderful mother.
Will you come throw my kids parties this summer?

Stephanie said...

I'm all for smaller parties! The decorations are precious and it looks like it was tons of fun. You are an awesome mom.

Paige said...

Okay cutest party ever!! I loved it what darling fun ideas and colors, you're such a good mom!

Johanna Mahnke said...

Great inspiration for my son's upcoming party with the same theme. I have been at a bit of a loss and you just brought all home for me! Thanks SO much! I especially like that this is so very doable and won't cost thousands or even hundreds! of dollars. Great job. Also thank you for listing where all your fins are from.

Johanna Mahnke said...

Make that "finds" not fins. :)

CWBD Parties said...

What a cute party! As a partyware designer you just gave a truckload of ideas! I loooove the invitation and using the tickets as money and the box cars are adorable!

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