Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Day in the Life of Ady


Ady loves “Me and You Days”.

 This is how she describes school days for us. 

She asks me at night when I tuck her into bed, “Is tomorrow going to be a Me and You Day, Mom?”

“Why yes it is Miss Ady.  Just Me and You sister.”


(Photo taken with iphone)

I Instagramed these photos a little while back.

Our day started out normal.

Me - working around the house in the morning.

Ady - watching her favorite shows.

Then we typically get ready for the day, have lunch and  move  on to whatever activity we are doing that day (this used to be naptime.  Sometimes I really miss naptime).

We chose to make Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies that day. Yummmmmy!


(Photo taken with iPhone)

She is my helper in the kitchen and knows the routine.

Aprons and music and we are set!

Well, of course after a little while she lost interest and went in the backyard to play.

In the sandbox.

I have a love/hate relationship with the sandbox.

I love that it is hours of  entertainment.

I hate that within minutes it can get to an out of control level of messy.

Kind of like this.

Well, this time it wasn’t as bad as that (she has learned) but it did involve sand and water and the trampoline.

She decided to clean herself off from the sandbox by attaching the sprayer to the hose and then putting it on the trampoline.

When I notice that all of this happened (we are talking a couple of minutes) I find her on the trampoline jumping in muddy clothes.

Really Ady???

No photos of that.  I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about the incident and if it was worth burning cookies over.  :)

I decided I needed to side with my cookies for the moment.

I did however, change her clothes and let her finish out the afternoon in her swimsuit on the trampoline.

Ady's Day - 2013-1 - edit cr 

I was proud of her for knowing what she wanted and how to go about making it happen.

Ady's Day - 2013-2 - edit cr 

She knew where to find the sprayer and how to attach it to the hose all by herself.

She was not going to let me ruin her fun or give me the chance to say “No. Not now Ady.” 


And I am glad she didn’t because I loved watching her have her own kind of fun.

Ady's Day - 2013-17 - edit cr

She keeps asking me when will she get to be 5 years old.

Ady's Day - 2013-22 - edit cr

I tell her she only gets to be 3 once and to love every minute of it.

 Ady's Day - 2013-28 - edit cr

Sometimes she takes me a little too literal.

Ady's Day - 2013-30 - edit cr 

She had waaaaaay too much fun in the bathtub after that. 


See what I mean?

Water ALL OVER the floor.

It was bad.

The above photos are how I found it after she had tried to clean it up on her own.

And this is how I found her.


And that my friends is a day in the life of Ady.

We live and learn together every. single. day.

Starting tomorrow I will be living and learning with all 4 of my kids every. single. day.



Friday, May 10, 2013

We LOVE Baseball!

Our baseball season is coming to an end. :(

Before that officially happens I thought I better blog about it…because dang it…I am going to be a better blogger!

Our family loves baseball.  We enjoy going to any baseball game whenever we get the chance.  I especially love being a baseball mom to my two boys.  It is magic for me. Something about it calms me and I completely forget about my mile long to do list and any other thoughts  floating around in my head.  I am just happy to be in the moment with my boys; being their best cheerleader.  

Baseball - Spring 2013-90 - edit CR

I love watching them on the field.

Baseball - Spring 2013-4 - edit CR Baseball - Spring 2013-41 - edit CR

You can always find Casey behind the fence as one of the coaches.

Baseball - Spring 2013-35 - edit CR  

Did you notice Kaylee’s striped hair?  It was opening day and man was it a partaaay!



Baseball - Spring 2013-86 - edit CR

There was plenty of entertainment for the kids in between games this day.

Usually Ady spends the whole game digging in the dirt…

Baseball - Spring 2013-52 - edit CR

but she makes sure to check in on the game every once in awhile.

Kaylee reads or does homework…

Baseball - Spring 2013-47 - edit CR

or something.

Did I mention that I am the best cheerleader???

Yeah, I need to rub off on Kaylee a little.

Baseball - Spring 2013-33 - edit CR

However, she is very good at taking care of this little chick for me so I can watch the game and not miss a great play. 

Because we all know that is the worst! How do you tell your super excited son that you missed his awesome play???

I don’t know how you other sport mom’s do it, but I bring my camera to ONE game.  I usually choose a day that both of the boys are playing but at different times (so I don’t miss a great play. :) Double duty is HARD!) I focus on snapping pictures that day.  I get what I can and then that is it.  No more camera at the fields anymore. Even if I didn’t get the pictures I wanted or had in mind.  For me, watching the game through my camera lens isn’t the same and I end up getting distracted.

Untitled-5       Untitled-4Untitled-2  

Baseball - Spring 2013-93 - edit CR

Baseball - Spring 2013-92 -  CR

I tell them to be baseball ready so I need to be cheerleader ready! 

But for one game the distraction is worth it.

I love me some baseball playin’ boys!


P.S. I remembered an old post from Jake’s very first T-ball season at the Y. This is how it all started.  It was fun reading it and seeing how much we have all grown since then, especially my little man!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Looking Back on 2012 {Part Three} THE END!

Let’s be honest… It is ridiculous how long it has taken me to get this blog post done. The motivation just hasn’t been there.  It is no fun feeling behind on blogging all the time. That is a huge motivation zapper for me!  I have all of these great current photos sitting on my computer that I would much rather be spending time sorting through and sharing but I can’t bear to leave gaps in my blog.  It is my family history.  Our timeline of events and bits and pieces of my journal.  So bear with me for one more post while I fill in the gaps on my blog.  It’s time to catch up!

September Collage - 2012

Ady enjoyed having the TV all to herself every morning after the kids left for school.  This is how she starts every single day – Jammie’s, blankets, and show of her choice.  Football season started.  Everyone (except for me) was glued to the TV every Sunday.  I made Casey a football cake for a contest at work.  Kaylee had the opportunity to swim with the Olympians. We made a trip to the beach.  Ady insisted on dressing up and having a tea party lunch.  She makes my days fun!

October Collage - 2012

The boys met Brooks Reed - a linebacker for the Texans.  It is a tradition every Fall to make caramel apples. Ady turned 3.  We had a lazy morning with breakfast at Shipley’s Donuts in our pajamas.  We celebrated Halloween. Drew – Skeleton, Kaylee – Egyptian, Ady – Kitty Cat Pirate (her own made up costume) Jake – scary guy from Scream. We were home for maybe 5 min. from trick or treating when we lost power.  It made for an interesting Halloween night. 

November Collage - 2012

I went on a trip to Pennsylvania to visit Andrea.  It was much needed time together.  I enjoyed every second of it!  My family surprised me with roses, just because. We took the kids to the movies.  Family movies are the best! I joined the boys at school where they hosted a breakfast for mothers. Over Thanksgiving weekend Santa was welcomed to town with fireworks and the Christmas lights went on in Town Green.  We went to Sea World for Thanksgiving with the Dickamore’s.  We loved spending time with them!

December Collage - 2012

We decorated for Christmas.  My parents came to town to celebrate with us.  Drew painted an awesome reindeer at school which I framed and displayed for the holiday.  It is my favorite piece of child artwork yet. We celebrated Casey’s birthday.  Ady enjoyed being creative with her Christmas gifts.  We took a family picture and sent out Christmas cards. I loved the reflection of Christmas lights in the mirrors and windows all over my house.  We made our traditional gingerbread houses.    We had a beautiful Christmas morning breakfast (one of my favorite things). We made sugar cookies for Santa. 

Well, that’s a rap! 


Just incase - Here is Part One and Part Two

Feel free to follow me on Instagram (krystamoes)  if you want to see the more current happenings! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Looking back on 2012 {Part Two}

We have had two weeks worth of company and fun!  March is a birthday month around here so there is a lot to celebrate.  My Mother in law came first.  We celebrated her 75th birthday!  She also brought our niece with her.  A cousin to play with is always a good thing.  The day after they left, my sister and her two cute little boys came.  We celebrated my 35th birthday while they were here.  Casey and my sister actually pulled off a mini surprise party for me.  It was the best birthday I have had in a long time!

Back to 2012  - If you missed my previous post, here is Part One.

May Collage - 2012

The kids and I cheered Casey on while he did the CB&I Triathlon. Drew was able to try on a firefighters uniform.  He even got to put his hand into a fire. We made a trip to the beach with friends. I spent many days at school with my kids for field days and award ceremonies, lunches and many other things. Kaylee and Jake received many awards at school.  Kaylee was awarded a trophy for Top Student in the entire 5th grade for Science.  Then she won a rip stick in the school raffle.  It was a perfect day for her! We enjoyed an outing to the Children's Museum. The last day of school and first day of Summer was a jump for joy.

June Collage 2012 - Pink

We completely enjoyed our new relaxed summer bedtime routine. Kaylee would stay up late and read while the boys would play cards. We started our summer off with the library and bowling. We had a great Cuda season and finished our swim season off strong. Ady loves my makeup.

July Collage - 2012 - 1

We were in Utah for most of July. We enjoyed spending our time with family, especially seeing the cousins play together. We visited Bingham Copper Mine, Thanksgiving Point and The Planetarium to name a few. We celebrated the 4th of July where the boys rode in Grandpa’s little red car in the Murray Parade. We enjoyed many movie nights in the Bancroft's home theater. We took a boat out to Utah Lake.  I had my first motorcycle ride ever which was not just around the neighborhood – it involved going on freeways and through canyons riding to Park City at night during Sundance. We celebrated the life of Casey’s brother, Calvin Rupe, who passed away unexpectedly while we were there. It was a sad time but we were grateful and felt blessed to have been there with family and be a part of it. After getting back home and settled in again, we visited the Butterfly Museum in Houston.

August Collage - 2012

We went to an Astros game with friends. Kaylee  painted her siblings faces one morning. She did a great job and this was hours of entertainment. Ady went on a field trip to the fire station. Back to school for everyone – first day of school pictures.

Check back for Part 3 – THE END!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Just Because… Looking back on 2012 {Part One}

This post is just because…

Just because…I have worked my tail off for the sake of getting ALL of my pictures organized and edited for 2012.  I have no more RAW images floating around.  Only JPegs. Getting a post done is my own personal reward for so much work!

Just because…I talk myself out of so many posts because I am later than I wanted to be in posting the event or idea.  Too late to post Christmas, too late to post Ady’s birthday, too late to post my end of the year wrap up…the list goes on.

Just because…I want to share with you.

Just because… it’s never too late to count your blessings from the previous year. 

Just because…I need to get into the habit of posting again.  I miss it!

Just because…I want to feel productive and creative and record a few memories.

Just because…I started these collages at the beginning of last year and never finished.  I want to finish something!

Just because…2012 was not my favorite year and I need closure! Enough said.

For those reasons I am dedicating this week on “These Are The Days” to 2012.

Enjoy January – April of 2012

(Photo collage templates from Simple As That. Thank you Rebecca!)


January 2012 Collage

Pinewood Derby. Ady and Drew baking treats. Kaylee finding time to relax. Ady got her very first haircut. Kaylee swimming year round which means outside in the middle of Winter. Potty training Ady. Jake turned 9. The boys love to have boxing matches. Ady loves her bed. Jake loves to read all hours of the night.

February Collage - 3

Ady learned how to be self sufficient in the kitchen – peeling oranges by herself. We enjoyed spending time with friends celebrating the Super Bowl. We attended our annual ward campout. We celebrated Valentine's.

March Collage - 2012

Casey and I enjoyed our very first cruise with some amazing and dear friends. We spent our Spring Break at home slowing down and enjoying each others company. Ady is a true Texan and chews on grass while at the boys’ baseball games. Drew lost his two top teeth. Ady plays in the rain on a lazy afternoon. Time for me to cheer my boys on in our favorite sport – Baseball. Ady loves the mud.

April Collage - 2012

Easter, Easter and more Easter.  Easter egg hunts. Easter baskets. Spring photos. My favorite Easter candy – Cadberry Eggs.  I enjoyed lunch at school with Kaylee and her BFF.  Drew loves helping in the kitchen. 

Come back this week to see the rest of 2012!

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