Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Day in the Life of Ady


Ady loves “Me and You Days”.

 This is how she describes school days for us. 

She asks me at night when I tuck her into bed, “Is tomorrow going to be a Me and You Day, Mom?”

“Why yes it is Miss Ady.  Just Me and You sister.”


(Photo taken with iphone)

I Instagramed these photos a little while back.

Our day started out normal.

Me - working around the house in the morning.

Ady - watching her favorite shows.

Then we typically get ready for the day, have lunch and  move  on to whatever activity we are doing that day (this used to be naptime.  Sometimes I really miss naptime).

We chose to make Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies that day. Yummmmmy!


(Photo taken with iPhone)

She is my helper in the kitchen and knows the routine.

Aprons and music and we are set!

Well, of course after a little while she lost interest and went in the backyard to play.

In the sandbox.

I have a love/hate relationship with the sandbox.

I love that it is hours of  entertainment.

I hate that within minutes it can get to an out of control level of messy.

Kind of like this.

Well, this time it wasn’t as bad as that (she has learned) but it did involve sand and water and the trampoline.

She decided to clean herself off from the sandbox by attaching the sprayer to the hose and then putting it on the trampoline.

When I notice that all of this happened (we are talking a couple of minutes) I find her on the trampoline jumping in muddy clothes.

Really Ady???

No photos of that.  I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about the incident and if it was worth burning cookies over.  :)

I decided I needed to side with my cookies for the moment.

I did however, change her clothes and let her finish out the afternoon in her swimsuit on the trampoline.

Ady's Day - 2013-1 - edit cr 

I was proud of her for knowing what she wanted and how to go about making it happen.

Ady's Day - 2013-2 - edit cr 

She knew where to find the sprayer and how to attach it to the hose all by herself.

She was not going to let me ruin her fun or give me the chance to say “No. Not now Ady.” 


And I am glad she didn’t because I loved watching her have her own kind of fun.

Ady's Day - 2013-17 - edit cr

She keeps asking me when will she get to be 5 years old.

Ady's Day - 2013-22 - edit cr

I tell her she only gets to be 3 once and to love every minute of it.

 Ady's Day - 2013-28 - edit cr

Sometimes she takes me a little too literal.

Ady's Day - 2013-30 - edit cr 

She had waaaaaay too much fun in the bathtub after that. 


See what I mean?

Water ALL OVER the floor.

It was bad.

The above photos are how I found it after she had tried to clean it up on her own.

And this is how I found her.


And that my friends is a day in the life of Ady.

We live and learn together every. single. day.

Starting tomorrow I will be living and learning with all 4 of my kids every. single. day.




Colleen said...

Yay!! U are back! She is such a cutie! I love that alone one on one time too

Unknown said...

so cute! i love those days with my daughter. love your pictures to!

Kari said...

Good job on keeping up your blogging!

Andrea said...

that little ady. she is so funny. She has always been so good at figuring out what she wants. Glad to see you here.

Letti said...

When i read this it sounds exactly like Paisley. The girls are too much. She sure is a cutie pie. Oh and i don't know why I'm not following you on instagram I better check on that.

Piia said...

Hei, what is your instagram?:)

Hesses Madhouse said...

I just found you as I was searching for 72-hour kit ideas. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog. I had to go to your most recent post. I noticed that it was back in June. I hope you'll write more. I'll be back. Thanks for sharing what you do!

Andrea said...

Hey!!! I need a post from you. Just waking up your blog and letting you know that I miss you here. I miss seeing your words and your pictures.

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