Friday, July 29, 2011

The Big Reveal…the dining room

Are you ready???  I know it has taken me FOREVER to get these photos posted.  I got sucked in and just kept going.  I’m on a roll around here.  Since my last post I have switched things around in the office and the entry way and now I am in the middle of the family room, which has involved paint.  I will have to share photos of it all soon.  I don’t know why I am nesting like this.  I told my sister the other day that I was nesting for her.  She is having a baby in the next week and I haven’t gotten to see her pregnant once during this whole pregnancy!  That’s what happens when we live far away. 

Anyway, I am ripping my house apart.  I am purging, organizing, decorating and deep cleaning every room, one room at a time.  I have to say that it feels so good.  I haven’t played like this in my house in a really long time.  I have started plenty of projects, but haven’t finished them and now is the time! 

Ok.  Now for the real reason of this post.  Here is the dining room before:


Red, red and more red.

Here is the after:



I am in love.


I try to find any reason at all to come to the front of the house just so I can get a glimpse of it.


I am not a blue person at all so I took a risk with the color.  Taking risks is scary but it pays off.  I was ready to switch up my pallet a bit.  Actually these photos make the color look really blue but in real life it doesn’t look quite this brilliant.

When you are in the room the color looks more like the next few photos.  Which is what I was going for.


Grey with a blue undertone.  The color is Homberg Gray by Sherwin Williams.


I really didn’t have to buy much for this room.  I had the white plates already.  I love the clean and simple look of this wall.


I love the simple centerpiece of white flowers. I already had the vase but purchased the flowers at Hobby Lobby.


The curtains were in this room before.  I still love them and did not want to replace them.  Curtains are my nemeses.  I hate shopping for them and I hate making them. I wanted them to be a part of my neutral color scheme.


The chandelier was a MUST!  It totally makes the room for me.  Actually every single thing makes the room for me, but it would not be the same with out this piece.  I looked all over and I had a price range for myself which of course makes it tricky with chandeliers, but I found this one at Lowes.  It is perfect.



I had all of these frames as well.  I took the large one down from above my fireplace, since it is getting a makeover of its own.  Then I hunted the house for some other frames.  I had antique family photos in most of them.  I took them out and did something different them, which I will have to share soon because I love the idea of it.  Anyway, I had the silver platter in this room before.  I like the silver and gold together.  I have a lot of warm tones through out my house and I am trying to mix some cool tones in with them.  Lets not forget about the trim that Casey put up for me.  We should have had this in the room a long time ago!


I think it worked perfectly in here!  My favorite part is how simple and timeless it is.

If you want to see my inspiration photos, scroll down to the next post.  Pinterest is awesome…seriously!




Alison Woods said...

It's really beautiful Krysta! Great job, you are so talented.

Unknown said...

Great job! I love the color, and the chandy!

Beth Curtis said...

HOLY COW! What a transformation! I can't get over it. Now that is what a dining room should look like! Great job!

Lindsey Jensen said...

I love it!! It turned out amazing! Can't wait to see the other projects!!

Brynne said...

I love this! You should be an interior decorator (or at least a consultant!).

Letti said...

I love it! The color is gorgeous. Have you ever thought of doing interior design? You have quite the eye for it!

Andrea said...

Love it. I love the blue/gray. It looks awesome. I like how you kept the flowers so simple on your table. Way to go. I would keep finding ways to go look at that room too.

Kari said...

Nice! Can you come help me decorate my house please?! How about you come help me paint and decorate for a week in January (not over Jake's birthday) Just putting it out there...

Pudel-design said...

Your dining roomlooks so amazing with the new wall color!
I`m your latest follower, please come and visit my blog too,sty a while and maybe follow me back;)

Lovely greetings...

Colleen said...

Wow it's gorgeous! Coming over from Just a Girl. Now I am going to take a peek at the rest of your blog : )

Anonymous said...

The color is fabulous!! I absolutely love it!!

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

You were featured again! Yay! Just a girl featured this post. I really love how this turned out. I can't wait to have a formal dining room someday. Hopefully it will look as elegant as yours!

Suburban Stitcher said...

beautiful room...and love the color! i'm painting over my red red red red dining room soon too! i'm thinking a cooler grey and then adding the chair rail with white below. very adventurous for me, but can't wait!

To The Moon and Back said...

Beautiful transformation! I love the color on the walls. I have that chandelier in my daughter's room and we love it!

Jenny said...

Awesome! I am looking at a similar color in my dining room, but have loads of wallpaper to take down first. Grrrrr. It looks fabulous though - well done!

Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said...

It looks fantastic! Great job!

Anonymous said...

I just did this color on part of my fireplace with the flower piece in the middle of it painted copper last week. Turned out as beautiful as yours! i used the color originally in one of our bathrooms with a slightly yellow paint color on the bead board.

Life with 50 toes said...

Wonderful job I love the color and your pictures are great ! Im your newest follower ;)

Stephanie said...

I LOVE the color and decorations. It's very soothing!

Jena @ Involving Color and Home said...

Krysta, I just came across your blog and saw your dining room. It is stunning! Homberg Gray was the perfect color choice. I'd love to feature this on my paint color blog. You wouldn't have to do a thing, just let me know if you're interested!

Jennifer said...

I painted my kitchen/dining room homberg gray. I love it! I'm trying to decide on a ceiling color. What option did you go with for your ceiling?

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