Friday, April 8, 2011

Around Here { A Chandelier }

I have had this really amazing chandelier sitting in my laundry room for the past two months.  My husband hasn’t felt like tackling it (which is very unlike him) and I haven’t felt like being the nagging wife so together, we just let it be…until this week.  My sister in law and her kiddos were coming to visit and visitors always get us moving in fast motion so we finally got it hung. Yay!

When I went to visit my Aunt in Dallas she gave me a shabby, vintage chandelier.  It could have been wired to work, but I didn’t need it working.  I planned on putting candles in the top, but that didn’t give it the pop I was looking for.  Then the inspiration hit me. I love when that happens!

Do you remember this post? Well here is a photo of my inspiration.

Chandelier Blog

Here is MY take on it.

Chandelier - 1 edit

What do you think?

Chandelier - 2 edit

I absolutely LOVE it!

It makes me so happy.

Once I realized the look I was going for, I rummaged through my closet.  I knew I had old vintage plates on hand.  All I was missing were the tea cups.  I headed to the Goodwill and found three that would work. 

This one was black.  I painted it the same shabby green I used on my armoire.  I really liked the shape of this one.

Tea - 2 edit

This one gives me that clean, crisp Pottery Barn feel that I love.

Tea - 3 - edit

But this one is my favorite.  I love the look and feel of it. 

Tea - 1 - edit

This is the one that ties the pretty bow on the whole thing for me.

chandelier - 3 edit

It finishes my kitchen.  I didn’t realize how badly this room needed a chandelier until I got one.  What a difference it makes!

Of course when you add something like this, it calls for some other changes to happen.  I switched some things around on my table.  I just finished up a bargain I found at the Goodwill when I was there.  I’ll post the rest next week.

Right now we are having fun with our company. :)

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Lindsey Jensen said...

This is perfect! I love, love, love it!! You are so creative, great job!!

Andrea said...

I love it. I can't wait to see it in person. You are so creative.

Kim @ Too Much Time said...

I like yours better!!!! Go Girl-It is completely awesome! The colors and details on your cups and saucers are lovely!


Letti said...

Love it! You are so clever!

Terrys Rock! said...

Everyone leaves such sweet comments, they must be talented in this area too. Everytime I see a new Krysta creation I just think, what the?! How does she do that? It leaves me scratching my head and feeling very incompetent. Get ready for me to get there girl! You'll have a whole house to play with! Love you!

Unknown said...

that is so fun and pretty!!

love this.

Sommer said...

That is the sweetest little chandy I've seen! You are quite talented =) I would love if you could stop by and link up to my VIP party tonight. Otherwise it runs every Friday through the weekend =)

Tammy said...

That is a really cool idea! You did a great job! Your newest follower....hope you can visit me sometime soon.

Beth Curtis said...

it turned our great! I wish I could see it in person. That green seems to go so perfectly with everything. Good choice!

nbeltane said...

love this

im in the process of making one of these with an old fixture i found, but instead of the teacups/pots which i collect i found some lovely clear classes that i can put candles into it. we have also mounted it onto a stand instead of hanging it. its painted and the stand is almost done hopefully should be finished it in the next few days.


Wendys Hat said...

So cute and creative! Love it!

Tania said...

what a great idea- love it!!!

Scot Martin said...

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Alizey Sam said...

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