Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Wednesday…on Thursday night, almost Friday

I thought I would do a quick post on some misc. projects I have been up to. 

Clothespin Magnets.  These were Mother’s Day magnets I had the girls in Activity Days make for their Mothers.  They wrote a nice letter to their moms and then hung them on the fridge with these cute magnets for them to find. 

Magnet - 1

This was a super easy and fun project.  They look so cute on the fridge!  I have them on mine.  We just wrapped one side of the clothes pin with ribbon, attaching it with a strip of hot glue.  Then cut circles out of 3 different fabrics.  Each circle a different size so you can layer them.  I frayed the edges with my fingertips to give it more of a shabby look and then hot glued a jewel to the center.  When I was done with that I hot glued a magnet to the backside.  I bought good magnets.  I don’t like when you get a home made magnet and you can’t even use it. 

Simple and cute!

magnet - 2 

Armoire Makeover.  When Andrea was here we went crazy re-doing the armoire in my family room.  This has been on my list for a long time.  What a wonderful friend to help me pick out a color and paint while on her vacation!  It turned out great and I so appreciate her help, oh yeah and so does Casey.


Armoire - Before

and After

 Armoire - After

I love it!  It brightened the family room up so much and added a little bit of fun to it.  I love the unexpected punch of color.

Then there is my Summer Banner.

Summer Banner

It is hanging on a mirror in my entryway.

The Joy of Summer 

Do you see the fabric above the S that says “the joy of”?  I knew I would need a reminder about how much I truly love summer.  It is my favorite time of year.  So I made this banner and put it where we (especially me) will see it often.  I hope it will keep me excited about Summer, even on those days when I’m ready to pull my hair out and dying to see that yellow bus come by!

I have been working my little tail off around here getting all prepared for summer.  I’m going to dedicate the next week to posts about that.  Stay tuned for some summer ideas. 


Lindasue said...

Krysta- You are so creative and so is your friend Andrea! I love the clothespins and love the color of the armoire. Thanks for being an inspiration!

Lindsey Jensen said...

I love all of it!! The magnnets are adorable!! The armoire is amazing!!! I LOVE it!! And I love the summer banner... I'm going to need a good reminder that I love the summer this year too!!! I just love your house and all your fun projects!!! Always sooo homey!!

Beth Curtis said...

so cute. I saw the magnet at your mom's house and fell in love. The green is PERFECT for your family room. What a great way to reinvent a piece of furniture.

Beth Curtis said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Krysta, ok, so we have the same size and about the same design armoire. And sitting and feeding Sam so much these past couple weeks I have decided to paint it...and then I happened upon your blog and I love it. I want mine antique white...tell me how you did yours! It was such a big ticket item, prob. the most expensive item we have ever bought and I really don't want to ruin it. I've refinished furniture before but not of this size and such a huge piece in our house...need all the ins and outs and secrets so I can build up the courage to do mine! :) Email me if you can and I'll email you a pix...

Jamie said...

LOVE the armoire! It looks awesome, I just love the color! The magnets and banner are adorable too!

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