Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine’s for School {the Pinterest version}

I have Valentine’s on the brain.  I haven’t decorated my house and I’m not sure I will be getting to that this year, but I have been thinking ahead and planning my kids Valentine’s for school.  Actually, Confession - I have given my brain a rest and let Pinterest plan my kids Valentine’s.  Hahaha!  I love what a resource Pinterest can be!  My kids aren’t allowed to pass out candy with their school Valentines.  School rules, not mine!  This makes it a little interesting since the LOVE day seems to be all about candy.  Monday night before Family Home Evening while we were all gathered together and I had listening ears, I clicked on my Valentine Board and showed the kids their options for school Valentine’s.  I was actually surprised at how many pins I had that didn’t involve candy.  I think they were a little overwhelmed! 

Here were their choices:

Pinned Image



Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Pinned Image



Pinned Image


Aren’t they so cute?  They loved all of them.  It was a really hard decision.  I was kind of starting to regret the fact that I even asked them.  Why didn’t I just decide on my own? Sheesh!  I had to simplify things and tell them we could only choose ONE.  They finally pulled it together and worked like a team.    It was really funny hearing them talk it through with each other.  Hahaha!  The way kids think crack me up. :)  This is what it came down to:

“Boys have cooties!”

“There is no way I am going to give a Valentine that says the word HEART or LOVE on it!” 

“I do NOT want anybody to think I LIKE them!”

“But mom, you can’t give that one to a boy and a girl!” 

All of those comments came from Jake and Kaylee.  Drew could care less.  Girls are still his friends and do not have cooties in his eyes and he loves everybody.  At least for now.  Kindergartners are so sweet that way. 

The winner was…

This one was perfect for everyone.  Plus we will have fun making the friendship bracelets together.  I am so glad that is solved!

Did I mention how much I love Pinterest??? 

Sure it can be a waste of time (time that I love wasting) and my head can start spinning with all of the possibilities out there that I may not have even thought of and things keep getting added to my project and organization list, but it is well worth it!

Today Ady had this for lunch.

Pinned Image


No, that is not Ady or my idea.  I pinned this the other night on my Food For Children Board.  She was struggling today with lunch and then I remembered seeing this.  I put lunch meat (rolled up and then cut to fit in the little spaces) string cheese (also cut up) grapes, Fishies and Teddy Grahams in our little ice cube tray.  She ate all of it and thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Thanks Pinterest and all of you lovely pinners out there!  It’s so nice that we can share the things we find with each other.


Terrys Rock! said...

Awesome idea on the ice cube trays! That's how big of an appetite Dude has too. How big of a pain was is to wash and dry that? If it will help him eat...who cares!!! Cute Valentines too! I just read that we can't send edible treats? I already bought stuff. Next time I'll just have to wait until you blog and steal your idea. ;) Loves!

Tam said...

Drew makes the best valentines. I am so bummed the one he made formaliya last year got lost! Have fun making all those friendship bracelets .... I can loan u a couple helpers!

Alison said...

I spent way too much time this morning repinning from your boards. I love your eye for beautiful things. Fun Valentine ideas!

Colleen said...

I love these ideas. We can't do food or candy either so I'd love to do something like one of these. Going to pin it now!! haha!

I also love the food idea in the ice tray.

Kari said...

Fun ideas. I can't believe you guys are going to make all those bracelets! I felt successful getting to the store to get premade valentines to hand out before they were picked over and sold out!

Sara said...

Just found your blog through Pinterest, of course!

Another cute Valentine idea that my 3 year old son and I did last year for his class is heart shaped crayons. You bake them in the oven. I think I wrote something like: You color my world! Anyway...just another idea for non-candy Valentines for you. :)
Here's the link from my blog in case you're interested:

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