Thursday, May 21, 2009

{ Our Little Swimmers }

After weeks of swim team practice, every single day (M-F), we finally had our first meet this past Saturday.  This is what our Saturdays will consist of for the next 6 weeks.  All of the hard work and effort payed off.  Kaylee and Jake surprised the heck out of me and did AWESOME!  I knew that they could swim, but I was wondering how competitive they would get with it all.  They loved it and completely grasped the idea of racing and trying to win ribbons.  It was so much fun to watch and be a part of.

Here is Jake diving for the 100 Freestyle Relay.  Their team got first place.   (You can see Drew and Casey cheering him on in the background)

J - Dive

Jake - 25 yard Freestyle - he got a third place in the overall stroke.

J - Freestyle Relay 

Jake - 25 yard Backstroke. 

J- Backstroke

Kaylee's game face.  I didn't know she had it in her!

K - face

Kaylee - 25 yard Backstroke.

K - Backstroke 

Kaylee - 25 yard Breastroke.  This is her favorite event.  She is great at it.  This was my favorite event back in my swimming days (forever ago), so it's fun for me to see her do so well.  She got first place in her heat and third in the overall stroke.  

K - Breaststroke  Kaylee - 1

Here she is after her Breastroke.  She wasn't going to get out of the pool until I told her what place she got.  I didn't know she could be so competitive.  I'm glad they both are enjoying it so much.  After the very first day of practice, she came home upset and didn't want to go back at all.  I told her she couldn't give up after one day!  Not everyone is great at things after trying one time, so she agreed to  try again.  I'm sure she's proud of herself now and glad she didn't give up.  They both are learning what hard work is all about!  Good job.  We are so proud of you Kaylee and Jake!


Lindsey and Nick said...

Good Job kiddos!!! Sounds like you guys did awesome!!!

Stephanie said...

Drew's face is priceless. Little brother watching big brother, wishing he could do it but excited to see his brother go!!!

Andrea said...

They take after their mother. How awesome!!

Brynne said...

That is so cute! What I want to know is did you purposefully color-coordinate their swimsuits and caps to the lane lines and flags at the pool? It made for some GREAT pictures! Congrats to them for sticking with it and doing so great!!!

The Johnson's said...

Those pictures brought back so many memories of my swim team days. They don't have swim team here like they did when I was swimming--mostly outdoors. That is so awesome that they did well. Enjoy your days at the pool!! Go Kaylee and Jake!! (their team suits are cool!)

Letti said...

Great pictures. What a fun sport and congrats on their finishes.

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