Monday, June 7, 2010

{Project 365}…

I bit the bullet and decided to start a Project 365 of my own.  I tried to talk myself out of it.  I really did.  I absolutely, do NOT need one more thing to wrap my mind around right now, but the idea of taking a photo every day for a year and then recording them in ONE book inspired me.  I tried to tell myself that I didn’t need that book.  I have my blog books and my scrapbooks (whenever I actually get around to scrapbooking) but I couldn’t kick the thought of having a “photo journal”.  A place to record a little of what happened each day with minimal words.  A photo says so much, that sometimes words just aren’t necessary.  

I may have started Project 365 for the book, but since doing it this past week I have learned so much!

1. I found my love for taking pictures of the every day happenings again.  I don’t have to be capturing the “perfect” photo in order to pull my camera out. 

2. My life is full of meaningful moments that I would normally have looked right past.

3. I spend more time with my kids.  Once I’ve stopped what I’m doing to snap some photos, it’s easy to take a couple of extra minutes to play, giggle and talk.

4. It helps me look for the good.

5.  I am REALLY capturing our life…in ONE photo a day!

6. It makes me happy.

Day 1

Memorial Day – Enjoying a BBQ and great company at a friends house.  The kids made their own waterslide.

Day 2

Lego Dig – Hours and hours of entertainment for Drew.

Day 3

My little helper – Ady likes to help me make the beds.

Day 4

Puppet Show – Our plan was to go to the park.  It started to rain.  Drew was sad at first, complaining as he followed me up to Ady’s room.  Then he spontaneously changed his attitude and decided to put on a puppet show for me and Ady. 

Day 5

Icky Boys – First day of summer.  Jake and Drew’s favorite past time.  Frog catching in the backyard.

Day 6

Exhausted – Saturday’s are swim meet days.  HOT, LONG days in the sun.  We came home and took a 2 hour nap. It was awesome!  Kaylee especially deserved this nap.  It was her second Saturday in a row to get first place in the breast stoke.  Each time she beat 30+ people. 

Day 7

Game Day – Sundays are a great day to hang out in our family room after church and play games and watch movies together.  Dad is ALWAYS up for a game.  The kids love this!

That is my first week with Project 365.  If you have even the smallest desire to do this I encourage you to!  Just do it.  I dare you to. :)  You will be glad you did. 


Beth Curtis said...

love it! I am so glad you are doing this but I have to think... you are already wonder woman how do you add one more thing? I have to admit I find this project very tempting but my problem is finding a perfect day to start. Go kaylee! that is awesome that she is such a great swimmer, she will have to show us her skills in arizona.

Krysta said...

Beth - Just do it! There is no perfect day to start. Just start on a Monday and keep going. You really will love it, plus, it's awesome practice with out all the pressure. It's just fun!

Andrea said...

Great photos. You really are capturing every day life. I love it!!

KW said...

Love that you are doing this too. I need a professional camera. My photos just look blah otherwise.

Lindsey Jensen said...

I especially love the game day picture!! With cute Ady in the corner playing her own little game!!! Can't wait to see her growing up!!!

Lindsey Jensen said...

BTW, do you not have a separate blog address for your project 365?

Tam said...

Woman you are awesome! I need you to teach me how to take pictures. Right now I am bogged down with your Summer ABC's. I dont think I can remember to do anything else (we did 'N' yesterday and I Need a Nap)!

Krysta said...

Hey Lindz - I don't have a seperate address yet. My plan is to post them one week at a time on this blog, probably on Sunday or Mondays. We'll see how it goes!

Stephanie said...

I love this idea, but I will honestly need to wait until I'm out of school. I might try it! I look forward to seeing your pictures.

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