Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alphabet Summer {Letter W}

We had a water day!   My girlfriend Tami and I took our kids to a new splash pad down the street from us.


It turned into a bowling party.


We brought water bottles for the kids to drink and they started using them as any sort of toy they could think of.  They would put the empty ones on top of the water fountains and watch them shoot into the air.  Fun times and great free entertainment.

I usually enjoy being HOME with my kids during the summer, but this year some of our best memories have been our weekly outings.  It’s been so much fun and a great change of pace to meet friends at the pool, the Children’s Museum, McDonald’s when it’s raining,  a trip to the beach, family outings to Splash Town and to the library. 

You would think it would be harder to go places with 4 kids, but actually it is much easier to keep up with Ady when we are NOT home.  When we are out, she is entertained with the one thing she is supposed to be entertained with…our outing.  Not every obnoxious household item she seems to be constantly entertained with at home. It definitely takes a village to raise this child!  Ughhhh…that is an entirely different post! Anyway, I have come to realize that routines change every summer.  Some things work from previous summers and others don’t.  It all depends on where each of us are in life and what my children’s interests are.  But no matter what, there are always memories to be cherished. 


Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Ady is so cute though!! Good thing right?! Haha! Where is that splash pad? I will have to check it out with Ethan sometime while Lexa is at school. SCHOOL!!! YES! ;)

Colleen said...

Love her blue eyes! Great pictures. I wish we had something like that around here but the closest one is a drive. My kids would love it.

texas girl said...

My moms group went to that splash pad today it was packed but we met alot of fun moms that live in our area! I feel like addy and avery might be the same baby ha! Its sooo hard to get anything done with her at home! She obsesses over anything she is not suppose to have ha!

Kari said...

Hope that water is keeping you cool!

Andrea said...

Great sentiments about time with your kids, and the photos are to die for.

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