Monday, March 4, 2013

Just Because… Looking back on 2012 {Part One}

This post is just because…

Just because…I have worked my tail off for the sake of getting ALL of my pictures organized and edited for 2012.  I have no more RAW images floating around.  Only JPegs. Getting a post done is my own personal reward for so much work!

Just because…I talk myself out of so many posts because I am later than I wanted to be in posting the event or idea.  Too late to post Christmas, too late to post Ady’s birthday, too late to post my end of the year wrap up…the list goes on.

Just because…I want to share with you.

Just because… it’s never too late to count your blessings from the previous year. 

Just because…I need to get into the habit of posting again.  I miss it!

Just because…I want to feel productive and creative and record a few memories.

Just because…I started these collages at the beginning of last year and never finished.  I want to finish something!

Just because…2012 was not my favorite year and I need closure! Enough said.

For those reasons I am dedicating this week on “These Are The Days” to 2012.

Enjoy January – April of 2012

(Photo collage templates from Simple As That. Thank you Rebecca!)


January 2012 Collage

Pinewood Derby. Ady and Drew baking treats. Kaylee finding time to relax. Ady got her very first haircut. Kaylee swimming year round which means outside in the middle of Winter. Potty training Ady. Jake turned 9. The boys love to have boxing matches. Ady loves her bed. Jake loves to read all hours of the night.

February Collage - 3

Ady learned how to be self sufficient in the kitchen – peeling oranges by herself. We enjoyed spending time with friends celebrating the Super Bowl. We attended our annual ward campout. We celebrated Valentine's.

March Collage - 2012

Casey and I enjoyed our very first cruise with some amazing and dear friends. We spent our Spring Break at home slowing down and enjoying each others company. Ady is a true Texan and chews on grass while at the boys’ baseball games. Drew lost his two top teeth. Ady plays in the rain on a lazy afternoon. Time for me to cheer my boys on in our favorite sport – Baseball. Ady loves the mud.

April Collage - 2012

Easter, Easter and more Easter.  Easter egg hunts. Easter baskets. Spring photos. My favorite Easter candy – Cadberry Eggs.  I enjoyed lunch at school with Kaylee and her BFF.  Drew loves helping in the kitchen. 

Come back this week to see the rest of 2012!


Colleen said...

HI!!!! loved looking at these. wow, you must be loving finishing that project!

Beth Curtis said...

yay! this makes my day. Keep um coming!

Beth Curtis said...

yay! this makes my day. Keep um coming!

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