Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm A Big Boy Now!

Drew has been potty trained now for 2 weeks! No more diapers at our house...Yeah!!! These are pictures of our "Potty Training In A Day" adventure. He loved sitting on the little potty and of course he loved getting treats and calling his grandparents when he was succesful. He was so proud of himself! He has since graduated from the trainer potty and is now officially a big boy on the real potty...thank goodnes!


Andrea said...

Yeah!! I love that I can read your blog everyday. This is so much fun.

Lindsey Jensen said...

Congratulations Drew! You are such a big boy now. I am so proud of you! Nick and I miss you! Good job Krys that must be a relief. Ha, until you have another one! Wink..Wink.. I love to see how the family is doing!

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