Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

This is the most recent picture I could find of me and Casey. It's from Jakes Birthday in January. We still haven't found a babysitter here in Houston, so we won't being going out tonight (not that I would want to. It's too crowded!) We are going to take advantage of Kaylee and Jake being at school and go on a lunch date. Drew will be with us, but one child is nothing compared to 3! I don't know where we're going yet, maybe he'll surprise me! We love that he works so close to our house and we can do things like that. We need to do that more often than we do. Should be fun!

14 Things I Love About My Husband:

1. I love that he puts up with so much from me. I'm not kidding!! He just kind of goes with the flow and learns to live with all my crazy, hairbrained ideas!
2. I love that he works so hard to provide for our family all day at work and then comes home and always asks what's on his "Honey - Do List".
3. I love when he plays with the kids. Every Wednesday when I'm at Y/W he plays hide and seek and then wrestles them to death. It's become a tradition and I get to hear all about it when I get home!
4. I love that he treated himself to a nice new car. He looks dang good in it to, I might add.
5. I love that he is so good to help tuck the kids in bed at night. A lot of times he does it all on his own and he enjoys it. That's the best part!
6. I love his sense of humor! That quality needs to rub off on me a little more still. We don't need to take life so seriously!
7. I love that he always wants to have fun. In fact this weekend he has a little trip downtown planned out for us.
8. I love watching him help people. That has always been a quality I've admired about him. He gets that from his mom.
9. I love how much he loves me! He shows it in everything he does.
10. I love that he helps with dinner whenever I find myself running out of time. (Which has been a lot lately) Sometimes I get a look from him, but hardly ever any words!
11. I love that he is so good to call his family (and mine) and check in.
12. I love that he knows how to make just about anything. I'm always desigining something for our house and then he throws it together for me. But don't ask him to paint!
13. I love that he fixes stuff all the time. Whenever something is broken the kids know to ask him and not me! He gets that from his dad.
14. I love him for always honoring his priesthood and loving our family.

The other day Drew and I we went to a playgroup at church and he got to decorate a shoe box to put their Valentines in. He didn't really enjoy the decorating part (his attention span lasted a whole 5 minutes) so we just slapped it together. But you should have seen him handing out his Valentines. He was so proud and then the look on his face when he saw all the Valentines in his little box. He was so excited! He kept telling me he wanted to go "Now, Mommy, Now!" He couldn't wait to get home and eat all the treats. Then he sat on the stairs forever opening and closing all the cards. He has carried that little box around everywhere for the last couple of days. In fact, I looked at it this morning and saw tape all over the bottom of it. It had gotten a hole in it so he tapped it up all by himself. I wonder who he takes after!?


Vanderbeeks Images said...

two things, how did you put that cool background into your blog - the brown with the orange flowers? I'm clueless with that sort of thing. I got Adobe Illustrator and I can make all my own flourishes now - I LOVE it!

And the other - you switched to digital scrapbooking or hybrid scrapbooking? I know you loved ribbon and some things are just better in real life. ANYWAY, the question is, what software program did you decide to go with?

Andrea said...

Don't we have great families. I love that story about Drew. I can see him doing all those things. Have a wonderful Valentines.

Lindsey Jensen said...

I love the story about Drew. I can see him doing that right now, he is such a sweet boy! He is growing up so fast. I'm sad I don't get to see them as much. This is a fun way to see them often though. I am ready to blog Krys!

Kim said...

yes, i want answers to the scrapbook questions too. haha.

very sweet - your list of why you love your husband. He is a good match for you. I always liked him.

Sweet Drew...he's precious.

love ya Krysta!

and, when Lindsey starts her blog, let me know!!!

Heidi said...

It is so good to hear all those great things about Casey I had forgotten so much! you guys are the best

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