Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday's Bread Day At Our House

I have turned over a new leaf and conquered my fear of making bread! Casey got me a Bosch for my birthday a couple of years ago because I wanted to start making bread. I tried a ton of recipes and couldn't find any that were working for me, so I kind of gave up on the bread thing and went crazy using my Bosch for everything else. So far I think that has been his best gift yet. Good job Honey! Recently I was looking through a magazine and found the BEST recipe. I was feeling ambitous one day and decided to try again. After asking my friend Melissa tons of questions I was ready to do it. It turned out so good! Casey even loved it and he isn't really a bread person. Every Wednesday now I make 2 - 4 loaves of bread and freeze them. Kaylee is always at school when I do this so it ends up being fun time to spend with the boys. They love to punch down the loaves. Yesterday I got off to a very late start and ended up making it while Drew was taking a nap. It was a great time to spend just with me and Jake. Sometimes I feel like he gets shoved around a little bit, being the middle child, so it was much needed time together! We haven't bought bread now for a month! I really enjoy the simplicity of the recipe. It's so easy to make! Thanks for helping me Melissa!


Lindsey Jensen said...

I will have to try this one. I haven't quite figured out the bread thing yet, but I have the sweet rolls down! I'll have to try this one and let you know how it works!

Kim said...

I want a sweet roll recipe Lindsey! And, Krysta, this recipe looks wonderful. Unfortunately, I am not a great bread maker. It's probably a good thing though since bread is a big weakness for me.

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