Thursday, August 7, 2008

{ Thankful Thursday }...

I got this idea from Letti's blog and I'm going to give it a try. Hopefully I can remember to do this every Thursday. There's always something to be THANKFUL for and I don't think I take time to recognize it as often as I should.


I love that there are so many fun things to do during the summer months. Today Kaylee had the opportunity to have a lemonade stand with some of our neighbor friends. This didn't happen until 4:30 this afternoon and it was all I heard about all day! Our neighbor made this stand himself. It was so cute and all of the kids learned about money and working together. I am also THANKFUL that I'm not sick of my kids being home for summer break. I'm going to be sad when they head back to school.


Today Drew learned how to fold his own clothes. I had clean clothes all over the laundry room this afternoon. Drew went in and put all of his clothes into a pile and started to take them upstairs. I was in the kitchen trying to eat lunch (long past lunch time) and told him that I needed to fold those first. So he took them back in and started folding them. Then came the tears and screams of frustration! I really wasn't in the mood and told him not to worry about it and I would do it later. He didn't give up. This went back and forth between us atleast 3 different times until I finally put my lunch down and sat on the floor with him and taught him how to fold his clothes. I am THANKFUL for his determination, not only because he learned a new skill, but because we were able to spend some one on one time together and he was so happy about that. The smile on his face made up for the hunger my tummy was feeling! There is the proud boy in the bottom picture, showing off his hard work.


Eileen said...

How sweet! Enjoy EVERY moment. These moments are gone way too fast.

Lindsey and Nick said...

I love that picture! I love his determination, he always is willing to learn and try hard to be a BIG boy!

Andrea said...

What a good mom you are. I am so glad you captured that moment.
What a fun lemonade stand. That is a great way to teach your kids about work, and money.

Jamie said...

You are so cute Krysta! I love your long hair! And what a darling little lemonade stand! It looks like you guys had such a fun vacation in Utah, your picture collages are so SO cute!:)

Letti said...

I love your thankful thursday post. I love that you were able to get a picture of his folded clothes. I love pictures like that.

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