Thursday, November 6, 2008

{ I'm a little behind }...

What a slacker I've been! I told the grandma's that they could find the kids Halloween pictures here, on this blog, but where are they??? (at the end of this post). I've been a little busy...and a little lazy, but mostly busy. I have a feeling it's not going to slow down until AFTER Christmas!

Monday, I spent 3 hours at Jake's orthopedic appointment...I will never schedule those kind of appointments on Mondays again. (hopefully I won't have to). Casey had to come and sit the rest of the appointment with him so that Drew and I could be home when Kaylee got off the bus. The good news is - he got his cast off! Yay for him! On our way to the appointment, he told me "Mom, will you make sure after they cut this cast off that they will wash my arm? It's really dirty under there." I had to laugh! I guess I've ruined him that way, but at least he appreciates being clean. We were all thinking he was going to need it re-casted for another 3 weeks, so we (Jake especially) is relieved it's all over. He has to wear a sling for 10 days (which he's not being very good at).

Tuesday the kids were all home from school. I guess here in Texas we get election day off. I didn't know about this until a couple of days before hand. I know there were a lot of working mothers who were a little surprised about that. I was happy to have them home and we made the most of our day. The boys played cowboys and legos for a long time. My neighbor and I took our kids to go see High School Musical 3. So cute! We all loved it. We will own all of them. I planted some flowers outside while the boys played and Kaylee slept in the car. (She had a late night the night before and fell asleep on the way home from the movie. She's a grump when she wakes up...I wasn't about to do that!) When enjoyed a lazy day together!

Wednesday I had to drive to downtown Houston for a doctor appointment, and I got lost, TWICE! Talk about a panic attack. Casey was on the phone with me trying to calm me down. Where is my little Cache Valley when I need it??? This one took me 3 hours again...not fun! That night at mutual, I taught the Laurels how to make Alfredo Pizza. They have been wanting to learn how to make easy, yummy meals for when they go away to school. Some of you who know this recipe, will agree that it doesn't get easier or yummier than that!

I have also been going to bed by 10:30 and waking up at 6:00. Shocking??? For me it is! This is my new goal...Early to bed, early to rise. A lot of things will go undone because of this, but I will be a healthier, happier me!

Now for the Halloween pictures...Here's to all of you far, far away! We love and miss you all!
Earlier in the day, Drew and I carved pumpkins for Jake's crazy kindergarten class. I honestly don't know how his teacher does it. She has her hands full. Here are the boys in his class. I didn't get a picture of the girls, but they aren't angels. :) I say this with love.
After school, we got dressed up and headed over to the cul-de-sac. (they have adopted us since moving here) In Texas, you don't just go trick or treating, you have cook outs, and everyone pulls chairs out front and we all just hang out with the trick or treaters. It's different and fun in it's own way. I didn't get pictures of that (my camera battery died), but here are the kids before heading out.

The end of the night. Kaylee and I both look extremely tired (we were), but we were matching this year and had to take a picture. Casey was Bob the Builder for half the night and then had a request from the Beehives adviser to come crash their party, so...he changed back into this guy...

and went out to have a little fun. He even tore his pretty little witches dress in the chase to scare the girls!

This picture above of Kaylee has nothing to do with Halloween night, but I wanted to remember this picture and the short story behind it. Kaylee was invited to a Halloween party at the beginning of October. We didn't have her costume ready...not even close, and I wasn't going to scramble to get it ready in time. So I told her if she wanted to go, she would have to be what she was last year, a bride. She was fine with that (after a small whine fest). The night of the party comes and of course I have only left myself with 10 minutes to get her ready. She decides she wants to go as a dead bride. I kind of looked at her for a minute, wondering where she came up with this idea, said "Really? You don't want to be a pretty bride?". "No". So I grabbed the baby powder (we didn't have any halloween makeup yet) poured it all over her face, messed her hair up a little and off she went. I think the picture is funny. I guess she thinks a dead bride has to be a mad bride too! She smelt really good that night... and I loved how spontaneous she was and creative, coming up with her own idea.

It's rainy and dark today so I'm going to lock myself up in the study and get some scrappin' done!


Andrea said...

So cute. I am sitting here in the airport laughing my head off, and people are staring at me. I ove that one of Kaylee. It is good you took the time to write it down.
I am glad you guys had a great Halloween. I am sorry you got lost, but I am happy that today is slowing down, and you can scrap. I hope to get some done on the plane.

Tonya said...

Looks like you had a fun Halloween! I love that you and Casey dressed up, and the kids look great! Kaylee does look so great in that last picture, so funny!

Stephanie said...

Busy lady! The kids are adorable. Susan's kids got election day off too-weird. Who wants to drag their kids with them to vote!?! That's why I mail mine in each year. And no it probably won't slow down until after Christmas-SORRY! I'm feeling the same way.

Emily Hansen said...

Cute pictures. It sounds like you had a fun Halloween. Hayden keeps wanting to look at Drew w/ his big gun. It looks like the one that he got for his birthday. He's a "hunting guy" right now. We miss trick-or-treating at the Moes's. Good luck w/ your early to bed, early to rise. What a great goal!

Erica said...

Halloween looks like fun. We went trick or treating to your house, but it just wasn't the same with out you guys there. We miss you.

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