Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm off to Arizona!

My husband is sending me on a mini vacation to Arizona.

 all.by.my.self.  Yipee! 

He found out a couple of months ago that he was working from home this week, so he booked me a ticket to visit my family.  Totally and completely his very own idea.  Have I ever mentioned how thoughtful Casey  is?  Sometimes I can't get over the things he's willing to do for me, with out even a wifely nudge to remind him.  (o.k., sometimes their might be a tiny nudge, but not this time).  I love that about him. 

I am excited...but feeling a little guilty.  We've all taken our turn with the sickies since Friday, everyone except Casey and Drew, that is.  So I'm sure that while I'm gone, Casey and Drew will have their turn at it.  And I won't be here to help take care of them.  GUILT!  Oh well.  He's so good to handle whatever comes his way.  I'm sure it will be just fine!  That's what we mom's do, right?  We get sick and we still have to take care of everybody.  So I suppose it's his turn.    Monday was so bad around here, that he said out loud he wished he could go back to work!  He wasn't kidding either.  All I could do was laugh at him and say I'm sorry.  He can go back to work next week.

Wish my wonderful, selfless husband good luck this week while I'm off relaxing, having fun and eating tons of Mexican food...my absolute favorite! 


Andrea said...

You will have a great time. Casey will do just fine, and will appreciate you even more when you come back. He is such a great hubbie, and so thoughful. It is so great that you recognize it.

Enjoy some Mexican for me. Could you ship me some please?

Amelia said...

Have fun in the sun. I wish I could have some of that weather you are and will be enjoying. I agree with Andrea.

Beth Curtis said...

I am SO excited for you to get here!! It has been forever since I have seen you!

Mark and Adrian said...

Good for you. Casey is very thoughtful. Have a great time.

Tonya said...

How sweet! I hope you have a great time!! Eat some Mattas for me (or whatever your restaurant of choice is)! I love it too!

The Faridoni Fam said...

How fun for you! It's nice to get away, but I always find that I can't stop thinking about getting back to my own home. I guess that's a mom thing too.

Paige said...

Casey is SO sweet....what a great guy. You totally deserve every minute of the break! Now if we could only do wonderful fun things without the guilt huh! You are great and I hope you have a blast!

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