Saturday, February 7, 2009

{ Weekend Fun }...

Our daddy left to go out of town today.  We had to find a way to keep ourselves busy, since he is usually our Saturday entertainment.  I decided today would be a great day to get a head start on Kaylee and Jake's Valentines.  We put Drew down for a nap and got to work.

I love how they are concentrating so hard in this picture.  Writing names is such hard work!

 DSC_0037  V - 3 V - 5


Sticky hands from gluing on the hearts.



Their school doesn't allow candy with Valentines, so the pencil will solve that problem.  We had fun.  We chatted and teased about boys and girls.  I found out that Jake has THREE girlfriends.  He says they always look so pretty at school.  He chases them around the playground one day and then the next day they chase him.  He made sure they got the pencils that said kiss me.  That boy!  Kaylee doesn't like any boys, although she says she gets chased around the playground all the time.  She told me boys are gross.  We had a fun afternoon, but I am ready for a nap!


Casey Moes said...

Tell that boy of yours that he needs to slow down with the ladies . . . I know his dad is a real ladies' man and got himself a good catch, but workin' it kindergarten???

Sounds like you had fun.

Andrea said...

As long as Stella and Jex are the dearest loves. Jake, you go boy.

I love the Valentines. They look great.

Eileen said...

NO CANDY AT SCHOOL!? What kind of Nazi (please don't be offended by that word) school do you attend?

You pics are awesome. Love whatever settings you are using.

Eileen said...

I meant to say "YOUR pics are awesome." I hate it when I mess up on the text.

Just love me anyway.

And I SO wish you could have attended the crop. I probably filled your empty chair.

The Johnson's said...

What a fun afternoon! They did a great job. I wish our school did not allow candy!! Kaden and Brynn have had their Valentine's done for a couple of weeks now--I hate the craziness that comes the week before the holiday!

Stephanie said...

Those are cute valentines. I'm glad she doesn't like boys....too much trouble anyway!!

Kimberlee said...

I was laughing so hard reading about Jake and his girlfriends. What a stud!

I always find Casey's comments so amusing. I love reading them.

As always, you are too creative for me... making the valentines. Cute post!

Paige said...

LOVE IT! Jake's hilarious

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