Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's a good thing I have thick skin...

and things don't hurt my feelings, especially when they are said by my 3 year old.  Most of the time hurtful comments from Drew bring on the laughter from me.  And then I get a dirty look from him because he was actually serious...oops!

The other day, Drew and I were at the grocery store when he made one of these comments.

Drew - *sitting in the front of the grocery cart, shoulders slumped, arms folded across his chest, pouty lip*, "I wish I didn't have a mommy."

Me - *trying NOT to laugh*, "Why?"

Drew - "They think big kids are babies."

The thing was, Drew had just gotten in trouble.  When I have all 3 of the kids with me, I always make him sit in the front of the cart - no walking.  When it's just us, he gets to walk, until he stops listening and starts playing around too much.  Which is what just happened.  So now I have this pouty little boy in my cart who thinks he's bigger than he actually is.  I realized just then that he really does want to grow up and not be my baby anymore.  He's not going to sit in the front of my cart forever.  So I compromised with him and told him he could have ONE more chance.  Casey thinks I'm too much of a softy sometimes, but he has to learn how to be a big kid if that's what he wants.  I had my happy, smiley boy back who was an angel the rest of the time.  Good thing he has a mommy who loves him and gives him chances no matter what!


Jen said...

That's funny, I do the same thing with Mason and he is 5! lol They will learn one day. :)

Letti said...

That sounds like my Kaidee. I bet he learned his lesson though.

Andrea said...

Cute Story. Funny thing is, I can picture the pouty face in my mind. HE is too cute not to give a second chance too.

Beth Curtis said...

that is so cute! He really is becoming a little man!

Paige said...

Krysta you are such a good mom! You do darling things with your kids and you do such a good job of documenting things that you'll want to remember! I'm a softy too! Drew is's funny how the third child seems to automatically think they are as big as the other two...Avery has that syndrome for sure!

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