Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One Proud Barracuda Daddy--

Some of you may have heard about Kaylee and Jake participating in swimming this year--no NOT swim lessons we're talking Northampton Barracudas and real honest-to-goodness swim meets, Y'all.

Kaylee and Jake swim for the neighborhood Northampton team--which has over 300 kids on the swim team. (Most other teams have about 120-150.)

I was very timid in getting the kids involved, however, Krysta led us into it with her swimming background. We have all loved it--including the 6+ hour meets every Saturday. We have met many more friends and neighbors and the kids can't get enough of the water--they have both excelled; Kaylee loves the breast stroke and Jake's best stroke is freestyle. Both have qualified for All Stars at the end of the month in those strokes.

We were surprised a bit how well both Kaylee and Jake have done--actually they have competed EXTREMELY well, earning Ribbons ... you have to finish in the top 6 with individual events and top three with team medleys and relays. (Moes family has a total of 21 ribbons to date.)

We're proud that they are learning new talents and not afraid to try new things. (Listen to the videos below--any guesses who's screamin'???)


Paige said...

AWESOME!! I love your summer list...so cute I love the idea of having a plan for each day..something for them to look forward to. I love that they are such good swimmers too. I think it's great to have a sport you love but this sport could actually save their life, Every kid needs to be a good swimmer and if they are practicing as much as your kids do it probably gives you such a great peace of mind.

Andrea said...

That is AWESOME!! We are so excited to come next week. Can't wait to see what those kids can do. I hope it inspires my kids. We start swim lessons the Monday after we come home from your house. tell your kids to talk it up.

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