Friday, October 2, 2009

No... this is not a baby update!

Sorry.  I really wish it was!  This is just me getting caught up on one other post.  I have gotten in trouble by my little man here and I am trying to make up for it.  The tooth fairy came to our house for double duty last week!  Kaylee and Jake lost a tooth on the same day.  Both of them have had these two teeth loose for a long time and FINALLY they came out.  This was a bigger deal for Jake than it was for Kaylee since it was his first tooth.  He was so excited.  He has been talking about a visit from the tooth fairy for over a year now, waiting and waiting for this big day to come.  He was very proud and even more proud to show off to everyone that there is already a big tooth in it's spot.  It was growing in behind the loose one.  I got in trouble from him because I hadn't taken a picture of him yet!  Poor guy gets to a big milestone and his mama doesn't acknowledge it like she normally would.  I love you Jake just the same!  Thanks for hounding me for days (literally) until I took your much deserved pictures!     K& J Teeth   10 & 1

Number 10 for Kaylee and number 1 for Jake.


Jennifer said...

Yay! That's so fun! What's the toothfairy's going rate at your house? She only pays a dollar here.

Krysta said...

Yeah...we had issues about that. Our going rate is a dollar too, but they talk to their friends and some of them pay 5-15 dollars! How do you explain that??

Lindsey and Nick said...

Love those kids! I miss them too!

The Johnson's said...

Losing teeth is so fun!! Brynn still has not lost a tooth and she is 7!! She is getting very frustrated---she does have two grown teeth behind too very loose bottom front teeth though!! :-) Congrats Kaylee and Jake!

Andrea said...

So cute that they both lost teeth.

I hated when Jex started to loose his teeth. You know that you are starting in to those awkward phases.

Jex is currently missing his two front teeth.

Jamie said...

I love the look of lost teeth! Your kids are too cute, I can't wait to see baby Adyson! GOOD LUCK! Her nursury is BEAUTIFUL!!

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