Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm still here...

sort of.  I've been everywhere but on the computer for the month of September.  For once, I would label myself a procrastinator.  I have been going out of my mind getting ready for this baby!  That's what happens when I put EVERYTHING off until September thinking it would be easier because the kids would be back in school.  It's been much easier running errands with out them, but I've just about put myself into labor running all over town every day or nesting like crazy in my house.  I had my 38 week appointment on Tuesday.  I am 100% effaced and dilated to a 1.  The head is down and ready.  He told me to schedule an appointment for next week, but he didn't think I would  make it.  My due date isn't until October 13th, so that is early for me.  Not too early, but I've never been that early before.  We'll see what happens.  I've probably jinxed myself now and I'll be pregnant forever!

The babies room is pretty much done and ready to go.  We finished it a couple of weeks ago, but I was waiting for some extra things to come in the mail.   Some of you have been waiting so patiently for know who you are :)  So here you go! 

This is the view of the room as you walk in the door.  We are still working on a rocking chair that is going to go in front of the window.  I also want to make some type of mobile to hang from the ceiling above the crib.  She needs something to look at besides a ceiling fan! 

Whole Room - 1 copy Crib Corner - 1 Changing Table    Bookshelf

Here are some up close views of the details.  I loved these baskets.  It makes the bookshelf look so clean.


Her bedding


Vinyl lettering


I guess the name is out now!    Hopefully it suits her when she's born and we don't want to change it!

Vinyl Name - 1

I loved these green and white polka dotted mats.  I plan to put some black and white newborn pictures of her in them. 


Fun drawer pulls can make a HUGE difference!  I couldn't get a great picture of them, but they are big beaded flowers.  They match the beads on the lamp perfectly... not planned, but a pleasant surprise.  :)

Drawer Pulls

That's it!  Now we just need a baby to go in this room.  I'll keep you posted!


Andrea said...

Adorable. I love love love it. I am glad that I don't have to patient any longer.

I love the changing table. It is adorable.

The DeVito's said...

I love the room! I love the name! I have the same baskets on Bella's changing table.

Beth Curtis said...

I have been waiting IMpatiently! I love it!! adorable. I love the picture frames with the green polka dots. I also love how you decided to spell her name. Can't wait to meet her!

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Wonderful spelling of her name :) I think it will suite her perfectly. You are so great at decorating rooms. I'm going to hire you once Adyson is older. I'll be waiting to hear for her arrival. Love you

Eileen said...

Wow! I wanna climb in that crib and curl up. Please don't get a mental picture of that! Please. Darling everything.

Miller time said...

Krista!! I love it it looks so adorable. she will fit perfectly in that angelic room you made for her. so cute.

Lindasue said...

So cute Krysta!
You don't have to wait too much longer now for your baby. I wish you lots of luck!

Lindsey and Nick said...

That looks amazing! You guys did such a good job! I'm so jealous I won't get to put a room together for a little while but thats okay!! I can wait!! I hope you are feeling ok! And I love the spelling of her name (I hope I spelled it right on the Thank You card)!! Can't wait to meet her!

The Johnson's said...

I love the room and her name is beautiful. My friend just named her baby Adyson but spelled differently--I love your spelling! Brynn's room is pink and green with the same curtains--fun! I'm anxious to see pictures of Adyson! Good luck!

Brynne said...

SO CUTE Krysta! You are SUCH an incredible decorator, I love it! And her name is darling too!

Paige said...

Looks great! I love it all, I can't wait for that sweet baby to get here...she'll LOVE IT.

Heidi Parson said...

LOVE THE ROOM!! So cute! It makes me want to re-due Megans room. Love how you used black so chic!!

Luke and Nat said...

Love the favorites are the drawer beautiful for a little girl's room! Stunning! :)

Malinda said...

How do you make everything look so cute?? It looks like all you really need is a baby to put in there :)
Hope you have an easy end to this pregnacy and your little girl comes soon!

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