Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Is my husbands # this year. 

 Cup CakesBirthday

This was his day to be a kid again!  Out to dinner and home to blow out the candles. 

Casey - 1Casey - 2

Casey - 4Casey - 3Casey - 5   

This man puts up with a lot…let me tell you!  He is by far the best dad and the best husband…I think anyway.  He blows me away time and time again with all of the things he does for me and our family and his patience with us.  We loved making his day extra special  because he is so special to us!      

Family copy


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Case. You are a great husband and father. You are a good example to Jonathan.

Krysta you look so cute!! I miss all Y'all.

Lindsey and Nick said...

Happy Birthday Casey!! I can't believe how much little Jake is growing up! We can't wait to see you guys... just about a week away!

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