Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This made it feel a little more like Christmas.



This is the second time it has snowed in Houston since we’ve moved here.  Last year it snowed at night and the kids were asleep.  We tried to wake them up to enjoy the surprise, but they wouldn’t budge.  This time they got to enjoy it.  It was a lot of fun!



we felt the magic of the Holiday’s  

the kids teachers made a really big deal out of it and let them stop what they were doing to go outside and play

it didn’t stick

it looked pretty while it lasted

it was cold enough to snow

it warmed up again just days later

taking pictures and making memories

hearing the excitement in the kids voices and realizing it’s the moments that make the season, especially the unplanned ones.



Andrea said...

It was so fun to be there for that. Still no snow here. My mom asked me if it felt like Christmas without snow and I said heck ya. You know how I feel about snow.

Lindsey and Nick said...

Love it! I wish I could see snow this season! I miss it a little bit! Just around the holidays though!

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