Sunday, April 11, 2010

I love this…


Spring in Houston

Even though Spring is short lived in Houston, I love it.  Maybe that’s why I love it so much.  We have a couple of months of perfect spring weather.  We enjoy and appreciate every second of it before the hot, humid stickiness of summer arrives.  My absolute favorite thing about spring in Houston is the wildflowers.  They are all over the place.  They are in full bloom for about a month.  It makes our normal every day trip into town a lot more enjoyable.  I had my camera in the car with me one day and decided to snap some pictures on our drive.  

Scenic Drive 

Isn’t it beautiful?  I find myself driving home different ways  just to get glimpses of every street during spring.  The wild flowers probably only have a couple more weeks left, if we’re lucky.

Then there are the Blue Bonnets.  You can’t live in Texas and not have a picture with the Blue Bonnets.  Well, we didn’t have one.  We have almost lived here for 3 years and still no blue bonnet picture.  Not that I really cared, but I was feeling ambitous, so we got the kids dressed up on Easter Sunday and headed out.

Blue Bonnets - 1 Blue Bonnets

These pictures look like we were having lots of fun, but it didn’t last very long.  You know how you take a picture and you look at it years later and think “that was a cute picture.” and then you remember the story behind the picture?  That is how it is for me with these Easter Sunday pictures.  I made every mistake in the book. 

1. It was in the middle of the day and the sun was in full force. 

2. EVERYBODY else had the same idea, so it was packed.  (It doesn’t look like it, but it was. I promise.) 

3. It was getting hot.  We were all getting grumpy.

4. Casey was with me and he hates pictures.  We’ll just leave it at that.

5. And the worst mistake of all…I lost Jake’s glasses…in the blue bonnets.

Me.  The mom.  The one that everyone comes to when things get lost.  The one that can ALWAYS find the lost item.  The one who NEVER misplaces anything.  Me. 

It was awful.  We didn’t realize it until we were almost home and Jake asked me for his glasses.  I had him take them off because they were getting a glare.  I must have set them down and forgotten them.  Casey and I looked at each other.  Let’s just say we both were not happy.  We went back to the blue bonnets in hopes of finding them.  I wasn’t hoping.  I KNEW I would find them.  That’s just how it goes.  Oh yeah, except for this time.

Do you need another look at this blue bonnet field?          

Blue Bonnets -2

It’s huge and we were all over the place!  After searching high and low for 40 minutes I was defeated and close to tears.  I felt bad for Jake and I felt awful for making such a dumb mistake.  How careless and stupid was that?  Seriously.  Casey wasn’t ready to forgive my quite yet.  I really didn’t blame him, but then I reminded him of that time he lost our van in the parking lot at Disney World.  He didn’t have much to say after that!  That wasn’t funny then, but it sure is funny now.  Ha, ha, ha!   


Beth Curtis said...

or you can remind him of the time he took Drew to the park when you told him not to and he broke his arm before family pics, just sayin'. I love love love your first pic. I hate taking Brandon when I want to take pics. I feel so much pressure from him and I just want to take my time! Poor Jakers, I feel like something is always happening to his glasses.

Kimberly said...

Beautiful pictures of your family! sorry about the glasses!!

Alison said...

Hilarious post! Probably because I've been there - lots of times! At least you got some great shots. Love those wildflowers! Hey, my inlaws are moving back to Houston this summer . . . hopefully I'll come visit and finally meet you!

Jen said...

Where is this at? I have NEVER seen this many blue bonnets I would love to know the secret place. Cute pictures.

Krysta said...

Alison - that would be awesome to meet you!

Jen- It's at Creekside Park.

Brynne said...

What gorgeous flowers (and children)! I'm glad to know that family pictures are the same experience for you as they are a lot of the time for me :)

Tallie Geddes said...

So pretty - I would love to see that - we still have snow. Too funny/sad about the glasses - but it makes for a great story you guys will tell again and again!

Jamie said...

Awh, I'm sure one day Casey will laugh at that experience! Sounds like Nate...he thinks all my little photo shoots are ridiculous;) I LOVE those pictures, and I'm so glad you shared them. I've never seen such a beautiful place!

Casey Moes said...

Back off Beth ....

thejohnmfamily said...

I do love the wildflowers. Where did you get those pictures with the blue bonnets? I can't figure out where you are.

Andrea said...

I love the pictures. I wish they were still going to be around when we make our visit. That would make great family pics.

I am so sorry about the glasses. I can't help but laugh because I swear you and I are not thinking rationally when we are trying to get a picture.

Been there sister!!

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