Monday, June 21, 2010

{ Project 365 }

Day 15

Alphabet Monday – Letter L.  We went to the library, played the license plate game in the car and ate a whole bag of licorice.

Day 16

CrAzInEsS – Casey was out of town.  I had to take all 4 of the kids grocery shopping.  MAJOR grocery shopping.  Not our idea of fun.  They surprised me and were well behaved. 

Day 17

Rise and Shine – All of my chicks in bed with me first thing in the morning.

Day 18

Alphabet Day – Letter A.  We took a trip to the Aquarium with our friends the Dickamore’s. 

Day 19

Quiet Time – No T.V. day# 3.  All is going well.  I love seeing them in the same room playing like this. 

Day 20

Cuda Spirit – Our last swim meet for the season.  We swam against 4 other teams.  The kids wore their Cuda Pride and painted their finger nails black and yellow.  Both of the kids had a great meet.  Jake knocked 4 seconds off of his breast stroke and Kaylee got 6th out of 68 in the breast stroke. 

Day 21

Fathers Day – My children are so lucky to have a dad like Casey.  I hope they grow up knowing how blessed they are to have a dad who loves them so much and truly enjoys spending time with them.  I love these pictures of them together.  This is how he is with them every single day. (minus the matchy clothes and the yellow field of flowers.)


Tam said...

Next time you need a major store visit, drop 3 of them off here and go get it done w/ just Ady. Those trips suck. Super cute pics of your kiddos. They are awesome kids!

Beth Curtis said...

love them. I think my favorite is the grocery store picture. I just can't get enough of little Ady. I can't wait to see you guys!

Lindsey Jensen said...

I love all of the pics! My favs are probably the two with Casey!! Ady is getting so big!

Miller time said...

Was that Depends in the background of your grocery pic? love it! cute family with a cute loving mother I idolize it.

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