Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random Wednesday

I finally get to sit down at my computer for the first time all day.  In silence.  SO nice!

I just want to record a couple of stories real quick.  Time for me to journal.

*I love my kids.  Both of my stories have to do with them.  Casey has been out of town the last couple of days.  We always have Family Home Evening on Mondays.  Casey usually gets things rolling with it.  Well, now it was up to me.  I was trying to juggle everything in the evening; dinner, clean up, baths, clean up, Ady down to bed and I really wanted a shower.  By this time it was almost 9:00.  The kids were getting impatient with me, wanting to start FHE.  BUT I was going to have my shower…NOW.  So I did.  With 3 kids coming in and out asking me if I was done yet…sheesh! 

Finally I am done and I’m walking towards the stairs and Jake leans down from upstairs and says, “You know mom, you really aren’t keeping track of time.  It’s almost 9:30.”  I said, “I know what time it is Jake.  Thanks.  Why do you guys want to do FHE so bad?”  They all say, “We just like to!!!”

Hearing that  made me smile and get goose bumps.  My kids enjoy having Family Home Evenings.  Who knew!  It made me happy to think that we have taught them something.  I realized that all of that hard work and being consistent really does pay off.  Their daddy would have been proud of them.

*Today we tried something new around here.  After I woke up this morning I came out and had a little chat with my kids.  I told them that we were going to try something new today and I didn’t want to hear their opinion until they thought about it for one minute.  Then I told them that we weren’t going to turn the T.V on all day.  Not once.   Kaylee said, “Reeaallllyyy???”  (with excitement in her voice).  I said, “Yes.”  Then Kaylee said “Yeah!  Lets go do a puzzle Jake.” and they both ran upstairs to start a puzzle.

Hmmmmm…OK what???  I was left standing there thinking my kids were CrAzY.  Weren’t they supposed to be thinking I was CrAzY?  Whatever.  It worked.  They played so good and got along the best I have ever seen them.  It is only day one, but we are going to keep this up and see how it goes.       

*Today I did a little photo shoot with Miss A.  She is 8 months old.  Here is a sneak peak.  I’ll do her post and share more photos soon.  I love, love, love her!


Little Miss


P.S.  I have had some questions about printing blog books.  Blurb is a good site.  I did my 2008 blog book with them.  I also print my scrapbooks there.   My friend Alison has printed a couple of books from them  and another company. Here is her post on what she recommends.


Casey Moes said...

Fun post ... great picture of Ady. I love that you are so proud and excited about your pictures.

Eileen said...

LOVE the pic! Can't wait to see more.

Lindsey Jensen said...

Love it!!! Love the pic of Ady!! You are AMAZING!!! Want to snap some cute pics of Bronson when you are here?!?! It will give us something to edit!!! ;)

Andrea said...

Great Picture. I am so in love. I can't wait to see the rest.

Miller time said...

such a cute picture of Ady. you are such a great mom. I'f I'm half of what kind of mom you are I'd be happy.

Beth Curtis said...

I can't believe how big ms. Ady is. Her hair is getting so light! Love her!

Tam said...

Oh ... my ... lands ... That pic of Ady is ADORABLE! I love it. You are so stinkin' talented. Amazing!

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