Friday, August 27, 2010

The Little Things…

At Ten Months Old the little things really are the big things.

LollipopLollipop Girl - 1   

Lollipop 2

Who knew a little lollipop could look so yummy?

And that you could look so cute while sucking on one?

I love seeing life through her eyes. 

Every day she brings a new life to the little things!

I love her for making me see things differently!

Speaking of little: she is still little.  She had her checkup the other day (yes, I was over a month late with her appt. Oh well.)  Here are her stats:

16.7 lbs. (5 – 10 %)

28 1/2 in. (50 – 75 %)

Even though she is little it doesn’t stop her.  It never has.  She is into EVERYTHING.  Seriously. Everything. She is walking.  I’ll post more about how busy she is later.  Because she is really, really busy.


Andrea said...

Love Love Love the frame idea. Cute frames. Where did you find them?

I need to buy more lollipops. Thanks for the idea.

Beth Curtis said...

so adorable! Beck is into dum dum's too! Mostly I give them to him when I try to buy a couple more minutes in the highchair. Beck and Ady are for sure cousins in that first pic! LOVE her!

Tam said...

Darling pictures. Its okay that she's so skinny as long as she's tall (I'm instigating a rule at my house that my boys MUST date girls 5'8" or taller -- i hate it when tall guys date short girls). Very cute little Miss!

Lindsey Jensen said...

I love that post!! She looks so cute with the lollipop!! I love the frames too!! Cute, cute!

Letti said...

Great pictures. Paisley is so much like her. She is sooooo busy too. I just wish suckers weren't sticky, I wonder how I could make

Terrys Rock! said...

So stinkin cute! It seems like the world is clearer and fresher through those beautiful blue eyes of hers. And yes, she sure makes a lollipop look good. When I heard her stats I was shocked! Skinny and tall! I wonder where she gets that from?! Little Miss Busy too huh? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree sweetie.

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