Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another { Project 365 }

I don’t know how I got so far behind on these posts.  I have one more 365 after this one and then I will be caught up.  Now that the kids are back in school, there really is no excuse for my lack of blogging…no good excuse anyway.  Although I think completely living up the new routine qualifies as a good excuse!

Day 71

Cleaning Day – Monday has always been my cleaning day.  Growing up I remember my mom’s cleaning day being Monday mornings. It is in my blood I guess.   Although I dread Mondays because it’s cleaning day,  I also look forward to Mondays for the fresh start that a new week brings.  Time to get organized and start over.  This particular Monday was bad.  During our previous week with EVERYBODY being sick, I gave up on maintaining the house.  I payed for it.  10 hours of cleaning later and I was finally caught up again.  After making Kaylee’s bed up with clean sheets and all, I stood back to admire… and then…I let her quilt get to me.  She and her friends sit on her bed.  For some reason they like this one little spot.  I could see where their grubby hands and cute little bums like to hang out.   I couldn’t look away and ignore it.  So what do I do?  Oh nothing, except pull the perfectly made bed apart and take her quilt to the laundry room to be washed.  I guess I wasn’t done after all .  Why do I do that to myself???  At least it looked pretty sitting in my just cleaned laundry room. :)

Day 72

Brother and Sister – It started out with Ady and Daddy playing blocks together and somehow ended with Drew building towers and telling Ady, “No Ady, Ady No!” over and over again.  Besides that, he really is so sweet to her.  He talks sweet and is so gentle and loving to her, which pretty much is the opposite of how Drew interacts with everyone else, so I absolutely love to see them play together.  He was teaching Ady how to build towers.  He would stack about 3 or 4 and then he would let her stack one.  They had a pretty good system going, but when it would get really tall he wouldn’t want her to stack anymore because she would knock it over.  That’s when he would tell her no.  I love this photo because I can see the concentration on her face, trying to do just what her brother told her to do.   It’s written all over Drew’s face that his patience is just about up.  It’s taking all that he has to let her put this one last block on!  Who’s blocks are they anyways?!

Day 73

Alphabet Letter B  for Beach – We hadn’t made a trip to Galveston yet this summer so while Casey was home for the week we headed South for an afternoon.  It was a perfect beach day.  The weather was great and so was the water.  Everyone had fun relaxing and doing their own thing.  I learned a new trick from my friend Letti.  To get all of that yucky sand off when you are ready to go home, rub baby powder all over the sandy parts and it dusts right off.  It works so good!!

Day 74

Alphabet Letter S for Snowcones and Stars – We were trying to rap up our Alphabet Summer before school started so we did an alphabet almost every day.  After dinner we made snowcones and then went outside to eat them.  Somehow we ended up on the trampoline looking for stars.  Not planned at all but funny that it started with the letter s.  We were planning on doing sock puppets but never got around to it.  Snowcones and Stars were way better than Snowcones and Sock puppets!  We layed outside on the trampoline searching for stars enjoying the cooler evening air and an occasional mosquito bite.  We were out there for so long that daddy fell asleep and we had only found 15 stars.  You really have to search for stars in the Texas sky.  Out of all the places I have lived, California skies have the most brilliant stars.  Impromptu summer memories really are the best!!

Day 75

Alphabet Letter X for X marks the spot – Treasure Hunt.  Casey planned a back to school treasure hunt for the kids.  It involved things like back packs, bike helmets, shoes, writing utensils, ear phones and of course the bus stop.  The kids had fun working together to figure out the clues.  The last clue took them to the bus stop where they each found a bag of treats and bubbles.  I think we found a new back to school tradition. 

Day 76

Wits End – This is me kicking my kids outside.  I had enough with the computer games and the x box and the T.V. and the games on my phone!  They refused to do anything constructive no matter what my suggestions were so… I kicked them outside.  They were going to have to figure it out on their own.  I was nice enough to throw their swim suits out with them. :)  They weren’t too happy at first, but I didn’t have to hear about it.  I was inside and they were outside… heehee!  Casey caved and went out to help them put together the slip n slide.  After that it was laughter and summer fun for them.  And so began my countdown of our last week of summer!  8 more days to go!!  

Day 77

A little ghosty – This is what Ady does when she gets out of the bath.  After she is all wrapped up and dried off she heads straight to her toy basket and stands there naked with the towel hanging from her head and plays.  I have her choose a toy or a book and then she holds it while she gets her jammies on.  She’s a little less squirmy that way.  When the kids see her do this they think she is hilarious.


Terrys Rock! said...

Finally a new post! I've been checking everyday. I love to see all your stuff. I really need to go clean right now, Monday's I do dread them. I'm a little behind, I could probably work for 10 hours too. Ugh. I love Ady in her towel. I love that I'm not the only one who get's sick of their kids watching tv, etc. You are my soul sista!

Beth Curtis said...

Love. Way to get all your alphabet summer in! I can't believe the kids are heading back to school. I love the block pic I didn't even realize Drew's face until you pointed it out. I LOVE the x marks the spot idea!

Andrea said...

I love reading all your details about the week. It makes me feel like I am right there in your house doing all of that with you.

I love the picture of the beach.

I had wanted to so a scavenger hunt, but we didn't make it to that letter this year. I will have to try next year.

Brynne said...

I love the pictures you take!

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