Monday, August 16, 2010

{ Project 365 }

Day 64

Alphabet Summer Letter K – for Kitchen Wash.  I had this activity on my list since the beginning of the summer.  We didn’t get around to it until after we came home from our trip.  I thought it was cute and ironic that while we were in Arizona visiting my family, my dad taught my kids how to wash dishes by hand.  My dad has always been one to make sure everyone chips in on the chores.  So you don’t have an excuse…he will spend time teaching you how to do something.  That’s what he did with my kids; taught them some good old fashion work.  So when it came time for our activity on the letter K, it was fun for me to observe what they had been taught.  They had 3 stations: Drew would hand Kaylee the dishes to wash, Kaylee would wash and then Jake would rinse and set them out to dry.  Then they would switch stations.  It was enjoyable to sit back and listen to them talk about their work. 

Day 65

Who…Me? – These books sit right there on top of that basket.  I kinda like em right there.  Ady likes them too…  for other reasons.  She loves to get a hold of them and flip through the pages.  Sometimes she rips pages out.  I can hear it happening from the other room.  This time I walked around the corner and said “Aaadyyyy….what are you doing?”  At this point she had already done her business and was moving on to the next thing.  But she stopped and turned to look at me with her innocent face that plainly says, “Who…Me?” 

Day 66

Poor Guy – Can you feel how miserable he was?  This was day five of the sickies for him and he still looked and felt that bad.   He marked the beginning of sickness for our WHOLE household. It was like the domino effect after that. (except for me…knock on wood).  He slept most of his days away, hardly ate anything, had to run to the bathroom many times, had a constant fountain from his eyes and nose and a fever for 6 days.  MIS-ER-A-BLE! 

Day 67

Monopoly – That is the ultimate summer game to me.  It brings back so many childhood memories!  I remember this game lasting for days at a time.  I would play with my brother and sister or neighborhood friends.  If we hadn’t finished it by the end of the day my mom would carry it to the top of the washing machine for us, leaving everything just how it was and we would start again the next day. I had forgotten all about it!  We are on our last leg of summer around here, tying to keep things exciting, but lets face it…I am WAAAAY too tired!  So when I had this vision of Monopoly I called Casey and asked him to run by the store on his way home and buy the game.  I was desperate!  It did the trick.  This was days of entertainment.  Kaylee had a friend stay the night and they loved playing.  We have played together as a family too.  It was good for us while everyone was homebound and sick.  BTW – Jake has KILLED all of us each time.  He says he wants to be a billionaire when he grows up.  I’m starting to wonder if he really will be. :)

Day 68

TGIF – This photo is just a sample of what you would have found in every single room in my house.  Nothing was where it belonged.  I couldn’t keep up and I was done trying.  You could say I threw in the towel.  It was a long week!  Casey had been out of town.  The kids had been sick. My house was a mess.  But I really didn’t care.  My husband was finally home and it was date night!  Wahoo!  And just so you know…I left the house like this all weekend…yes I did, except it got WORSE!  Aren’t you proud of me?


Day 69

Saturday Afternoon – Ady and I went to run a few errands.  When I left, Casey and Kaylee could barely move they were so sick.  When I came home and pulled up to our driveway, I saw Drew riding his bike and Casey and Kaylee sitting outside in front of the garage watching him.  Well, my husband who never gets cold had gotten the chills and came outside to warm up.  Drew decided to put on a show for him.  I plopped Ady down in her stroller next to her daddy.  Her head would go back and forth following Drew up and down the street.  I love these unplanned moments in the day to just be.  

Day 70

Midnight Snack – I have a really bad habit of snacking before I go to bed.  It always has to be sweet and I always have to have a glass of milk with it.  Homemade desserts are my fave, but if I don’t have one then Oreo’s and milk will do.  Oreo’s are a staple at my house.  I was spoiled with this treat.  My visiting teacher had come by the day before and she made a trip to my favorite bakery on her way.  Homemade double chocolate chip brownies with cream cheese frosting and M&M’s. Not just one brownie but 6 of them.  I have to admit that I wasn’t very good at sharing.  Mmmmmmm.  M&M’s are a staple at my house too.  The really big bag.  I was in Heaven!  


Letti said...

Your little guy looks so sad. It makes my heart hurt. I don't think my kids have ever washed dishes by hand either. I have never really thought about teaching them either but now I think I should.

Beth Curtis said...

LOVE them all! That is the saddest pic of Drew. I can feel his sickness through the photo. I am not surprised that Jake is winning at monopoly. That is SO his personality. I hope he remembers his sweet aunt Beth when he is rich. I am so proud of you letting your house go a bit! I am so with you and the sweets. I always get it after dinner. I try really hard every night but some times I can't resist.

Lindsey Jensen said...

Ok I think I have a comment for just about every picture!!! That treat.... delish!!! I want one!!!! Drew what a sad, sad face!!! Poor guy. Ady!! I LOVE the picture of her!!! Your house, I feel your pain that was mine a few days ago and I am really proud you let it stay that way... I'm working on that skill!! (YES, it is a skill!!)Poor sick family... I know how nice it feels to warm up outside though when you don't feel good!! Love all the pics Krys!!

Tam said...

First of all: what bakery makes those heavenly looking things? Second, can I have your VTer? that is awesome! i have never, NEVER, seen your house messy. I think you just put stuff there for a picture then immediately put it back. I am incredibly jealous of your immaculate, cutely decorated house!

Krysta said...

That would take too much energy to make a mess and then put it all right back!! :) Funny though. I'm glad it's always clean when you come over. I really do try. It's my sanity saver. My awesome visiting teacher is A'lynn...need I say more?? And the bakery is R.J. Goodies. Have you been there yet?

Andrea said...

Great perspective this week. You are really shaking it up with your 365. I am so impressed.

That brownie makes me want a baked good... YUM!!

Stephanie said...

Everyone sick? NO FUN! I love the "Who Me?" pic of Ady. That is hilarious.

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