Friday, October 22, 2010

{ Project 365 }

Day 120

Fall Colors – I hadn’t had time to put my Fall/Halloween decorations out yet.  They’d been sitting in bags in my laundry room and it was killing me!  These fall flowers from my yard made me happy until I  got around to the real deal.

Day 121

Obsessed – Drew is obsessed with his team hat.  He loves baseball and his team so much that he hardly ever takes his hat off.  If it isn’t this hat it is the Astros.  I have given up on doing his hair.  I think he looks cute in a hat.

Day 122

For my little lady – I made Ady a tutu today.   She will wear  it on her birthday. 

Day 123

Service – Drew loves to surprise people with acts of service.  He is so sweet when he does it.  He is good at surprises and waits so patiently until we stumble upon what he has done.  Today he made Kaylee’s bed while she was at school.  He got to it before I did.  I thought it was so cute how he arranged the pillows and put her sleeping mask on her teddy bear.  I love that boy!

Day 124

Hours and Hours – of sandbox play.  Jake and Drew mad a HUGE sand fort for their army men.  It took them days to build it and then they played with it for days afterward.  I love this photo of Drew's hand playing with his army man outside of the tunnel.  Seeing my kids creativity makes me happy.

Day 125

Late Nights – We have at least one late night baseball game a week.  It is so relaxing sitting under the lights in the evening.  It’s nice to be in the moment of a game and not worry about the million and one things that need to get done at home. 

Day 126

Glued – Sometimes this little lady is glued to my leg.  I don’t mind.  I think she loves me!


Eileen said...

What a sweet post of memories and photos.

Lindsey Jensen said...

Drew is such a sweet little boy!! I love him!! I love the night picture and your fall colors!! Ady babe is getting so big I love her cute jean skirt!!

Beth Curtis said...

the tutu is adorable. I love the idea of using those headbands as a waistband. (Still can't wait for b-day pics!). I hope Kaylee appreciated her bed. all I know is that when I came to visit she made me make the bed again and she had to help me. The hand in the sand is awesome.

Jamie said...

Oh Krysta...I can't get enough of your photos! You are amazing! Such a talented woman you are!:) I can't believe Ady is ONE!!!

Andrea said...

You really got caught up. That is on my to do list today. I love the picture of her between your legs. So cute.

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