Wednesday, November 17, 2010

{ Project 365 }

Day  148

Not a good day – I got pulled over as I was driving my normal daily route to swim.  I got a “fix it ticket”.  The inspection on my van was 2 years passed due. Yes, it is true.  WHOOPS!!!  How the heck did that happen?!? It is one of those things I don’t even think about because my husband takes care of that…or so I thought! Turns out he was just as shocked as me.  He spaced it because you don’t have to get an inspection when you register your vehicle each year like we did in Utah, but you are supposed to get it inspected still.  Lesson learned, even though it was a pretty dumb lesson!  And my husband will be fixing my ticket for me. :)

Day 149

Very Rare – This is not a common happening at our house.  Ady hardly ever watches T.V.  She doesn’t hold still long enough to let it catch her interest.  Drew, on the other hand,  loves his morning cartoons.  I was cleaning the kitchen and turned around to find Ady sitting right next to Drew completely hooked on the T.V. It was nice while it lasted, not that I want her to be a T.V. junkie, but at least 30 minutes here and there would be nice.  I’d even take 15!

Day 150

Lazy Fall Evening – I wish we had more evenings like this.  These are some of my favorite childhood memories.  Having nothing to do, hanging out outside with friends until it got dark and your parents came to find you. Passing around the sunflower seeds, throwing the football.  That was the view from my front window and it made my heart happy.  Then Ady and I went outside to join them.  

Day 151

Drew is getting his freak on -  He had his preschool Halloween party and would not part with these glasses.

Day 152

Game Ball – Jake took home the game ball today.  He had 2 hits and several RBIs.  We love baseball!!

Day 153

I am Thankful – for this little girl who is my sidekick in everything.  She loves the things I love and is always trying to learn more about them.  I was taking pictures of my Halloween decorations before I got ready to take them down.  I had my 50mm lens on.  Kaylee was hanging on the banister in the entryway asking me a question, waiting patiently for me to answer.  I turned around to answer her and saw the perfect light hitting her eyes and told her not to move a muscle.  I snapped a shot looked at it on my viewfinder and told her that her eyes are twinkling. She grabbed the camera to check it out for herself, then told me that it wasn’t the lighting, she just had twinkling eyes. :) I told her she does have naturally twinkling eyes, but it lead to a conversation about lighting and ended with me being her model while she tried it out on me.  Which I then deleted the pictures because I don’t have the beautiful, creamy skin like she does and I would much prefer looking at photos of her!

Day 154

Happy Halloween – This picture either totally makes you laugh or makes you say “what the crap?!”  or both. :)  Every time I look at it, I just laugh out loud!  It is the end of Halloween night and she is done, if you can’t tell.  She looks like a wreck with her snotty nose and sweaty, matted down hair.  The kids and I were outside talking to neighbors and passing out candy, when I hear a banging on the window and see her with her Halloween goodie bag hanging from her shoulder, making the funniest faces.  Definitely a ransom kind of picture for later! :)


Tam said...

Love the pic of Ady. Its good to see her messy and unkept. makes me feel better for all the times my boys are snot nosed and gross! kaylee is going to turn out just as awesome as her mama!

Lindsey Jensen said...

That picture of Ady is the best!! Definitly DO NOT EVER misplace that picture!!

Brynne said...

Day 150 and 153 make me happy :)

Tallie Geddes said...

Hey - so glad you make that french bread - it is one of my favs! That cookbook is a great resource - I am thnakful I have it - it reminds me of good times! Your photography skills amaze me - try and save a few talents for the rest of us!!! :)

Beth Curtis said...

We are breakin' the law together :) So right when I scrolled down to the last picture I laughed out loud. It was even funnier when I read the story. You know that Kaylee will be a decorator/photographer just like you!

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