Saturday, December 4, 2010

Giving Thanks

Thankful - cr

I couldn’t let this holiday season pass me by with out giving thanks for the many blessings I have.  We were able to go to Arkansas and spend Thanksgiving with our very best friends.  Just like family, friendship is an amazing blessing.  Andrea and I and our families are so lucky to have each other while we are away from our extended families.  We live 7 hours apart but really the distance doesn’t feel that far. We make every effort to get together and with each of us having 4 kids and busy husbands, it is a HUGE  effort from each of us, but words can’t even explain how worth it  it is when we are together.  It just feels like home.  Exactly the way it should.  I don’t know why Heavenly Father blessed us both so much but it is not something that is taken for granted!  It is a blessing to have a friendship where you know that you are  understood completely on every single level.  Where our husbands love hanging out together and have the same goals for their families and ideas about  fatherhood.  Where our children think of each other as cousins and even call the other mom “mom”.  Yes, Tessa called me mom.  More than once.  It totally melted my heart!  It’s kind of funny because Andrea and I always laugh at how Ady and Tessa could seriously be twins, in looks and mannerisms.  I guess they think that about us too because each of them is attached to the other mom.  That is also a blessing.  To love your friends children as your own.  That is rare! :)

We had so much fun and enjoyed a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend.  It went something like this:

A family photo shoot done by Andrea.   

 Family  - cr

I loved the red barn.  Especially for Christmas.  She did a wonderful job!  If you want to see more go here.

Thanksgiving dinner, of course.  Which included festively decorated tables for the adults and the kids.

Adult Table - cr Boys table - cr

Lots and lots of food.   My mouth is watering again looking at this picture.  It was delicious!

Food - cr

On the menu: Turkey, Mashed Potatoes and gravy, Stuffing, Sweet Potato Souffle`, Corn, Pistachio pudding and homemade rolls.  Dessert was Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream and Pecan Pie Bars with icecream.

Girls - cr

It was enjoyed by all!    (Photos taken by Andrea)

Group 1 - crGroup - cr

Our Thanksgiving night ended with us getting all crazy and rushing out the door to hit the movie Tangled.  It felt like we were on Home Alone and ready to miss our plane!  It made for some good laughs and a great show.  Then we came home, tucked the kids in bed, played cards and started scheming a plan.  Because that’s how we roll.  Our minds never turn off, especially when we are all together.  Casey and I started talking about our remodel of the boys bedroom, which led Andrea to mention what she wanted for Christmas.  Casey pulled out a tape measure and the rest is history! 

Here is the after picture of her dinning room.  The board and batten is her Christmas present from Jonathan.  


To read the whole story and see some beautiful pictures of this room that I am COMPLETELY jealous of go here.  It is definitely worth the click.  You will be jealous too!

And  because re-doing a dinning room just doesn’t seem to be enough for us, we threw in another project.

Santa - cr

Isn’t it cute?  We made a ton of these as Christmas gifts.  I really shouldn’t be showing these since it is a gift and all, but I’m not naming names, so it will still be a surprise.  You don’t know who you are!  Finding a home for mine was one of the first things I did when I got home. 

I can’t forget to mention how Thankful I am to our husbands.  They make all of the behind the scenes things possible.  With out their support, encouragement and help all of the fun extra’s that we do really wouldn’t be possible.  A supportive husband is a wonderful blessing.  I love you my husband!  Thank you for putting up with all of these hair brained ideas that just don’t quit!

Thank you for a wonderful weekend Swenson family!  I wish it never had to end.  When do we get to be next door neighbors?


Tam said...

You 2 are seriously two peas in a pod. I cant believe how similar, and talented, you two are. Friendships like those are rare and awesome. I love your family pictures. I cant wait to go see the rest. Too cute!

Andrea said...

It really was a memorable weekend. Very similiar to the first Thanksging a few years ago. I am still missing you. I want to come to your house now.
I also love how we can love the kids like our own, and how they love and respect us.

Can't wait to see your house for the holidays. Post pictures soon.

KW said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Glad Andrea had company to spend it with since she didn't get to come home.

Lindsey Jensen said...

Glad you had such a fun thanksgiving!! I love all of your pics too. I love the frame that you guys made too, very good job!!

Mark and Adrian said...

Andrea's and your blogs are so fun to read. They are way better than any magazines. But I think your houses should be in the magazines. Thanks for being so fun.

Stephanie said...

What a fun Thanksgiving! I love the pic of you guys all together. Your families seem so similar and I bet it's tons of fun when you get together. The owls are adorable!

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