Tuesday, November 30, 2010

{ Project 365 }

Day 155

Coach Dad - I love seeing Casey play ball with the boys.  The coach in him comes out, especially with baseball. 

Day 156

Sweet Sisters - Dinner should have been done already.  I am hustling and bustling about when I turn around to see Kaylee and Ady on the kitchen floor in the middle of it all sharing a snack.  I love the everyday moments like this.

Day 157 

Rambunctious Brothers – This is another everyday occurrence that I’m not sure I really love in the moment, but it’s just what boys do and I love these two boys.

Day 158

View from here – The view from my computer late one night.  Couldn’t decide which treat I wanted so I brought the whole bowl over.

Day 159

Backseat Buddy - Drew is my backseat buddy.  We are always on the go and half of the time he eats lunch in the car.  He is such a good sport!


Day 160

Hard Work - Kaylee has two of the best swim coaches!  They video the kids while they swim and then critique them with the video after each event.  This is one of those coaching moments captured.  (Photo by a fellow swim mom)

Day 161

Drag Racing - We were on a Sunday drive when my boys spotted this car. They fell in love and we had to go on a chase.  Picture the mini van chasing the Lamborghini!  hahahaha! We got it though and I must say we got a pretty sweet picture. :)


Beth Curtis said...

I Love this! I seriously got goose bumps over the picture of the girls sharing a treat. I love that the next picture is the boys wrestling! Typical! Drew baby is just so gorgeous, seriously GAP model! I can't wait to see you guys in a few months!!

Andrea said...

I really love that car picture. It is awesome. I am so glad the boys made you chase it down.

Tallie Geddes said...

I love getting glimpes into your everyday life. Emily and I have been going to Zumba - it's pretty funny - wish you were to shake your booty with us!!!

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