Sunday, December 19, 2010

Right Now…

I am in the Christmas spirit.  My house is clean after weeks of doing everything BUT cleaning.  I have been sick since before Thanksgiving and I am finally feeling like myself again.  My Christmas packages are in the mail, sent with love.  My Christmas cards are addressed and out.  Hopefully arriving in the next day or so.  I have bought myself some gifts that I am anticipating arriving at my door any day.




We have been working on re-doing the boys’ bedroom for Christmas.  Paint, furniture…the works.  My husband has been so good to take charge and get it done while I have been busy with photography and Christmas to-do’s.  The room is almost done!

My kids are home for the holidays and it is time for us to start celebrating!  Being together at this time of year,  anticipating our holiday traditions makes me happy.  It’s a rush to get to this point, but once it arrives it is truly magical. 

I thought I would share one of my favorite rooms decorated for Christmas.  It is my favorite because it is the only room in the house that stays clean!

The Dinning Room:

 Dinning Room - cr


Table cr

I love the white, cream and silver on my table.  It feels so clean and fresh.

Tree cr

I ran accross these trees for $1.99 at Tuesday morning last year. Definitely a steal.

Bowl - cr 

This bowl and my candlestick plate holders (above) have been my favorite things to decorate with during  the holidays this year.  They are so versatile.

 Balls crChandelier cr

I wrapped some picks I purchased at Hobby Lobby around my chandelier.

Shelf - cr

I took everything off this shelf that normally goes there and put all Christmas up.

Shelf - 1 cr 

I have been wanting to put wreaths on the back of my chairs for a couple of Christmas’s now and I finally got around to it.  It was the finishing touch for me.

   Wreath cr

I am going to post more this week about what we have been up to.  I hope you all are enjoying the season!


Mark and Adrian said...

Can I just tell you that your blog is my very favorite. It makes me so happy :) Thanks. I also like watching your kids grow from far away. Kaylee and Jake were just little when we moved.

Andrea said...

It is 7:30 am I am getting ready to take the kids to school. I never ever get on my computer this time of day, but I had a feeling you may have updated.
I am so glad I climbed on. Your blog makes me happy. I love all you did in that room. It looks awesome. Love the wreaths.
Now, I am in the mood to tackle my house today. Thanks for brightening my morning.

Stephanie said...

I love the wreaths on the back of the chairs. Very cute idea!!!

Letti said...

Your decorations are beautiful. I love the wreaths that you have put on each chair.

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