Saturday, January 22, 2011

8 is Great – Part 1 {A Birthday}

This little boy turned 8 on the 15th of January.  I guess he isn’t quite so little anymore.

J  8

Happy Birthday Jake!

He had quite the celebration weekend. 

I happened to be out of town, so Daddy did a fabulous job of spoiling while I was gone. 

I know that sounds awful that I was out of town for my little boys 8th birthday.  I feel guilty even writing that, but I can explain.  After many trials and a roller coaster of patience, my sister in law was ceiled to her husband in the Draper Temple.  It was definitely something to celebrate, so Ady and I made the trip.  While I was taking photos of the happy couple…


(more to come on my photography blog soon)

Jake and the rest of the fam was…

Having breakfast at Shipley Donuts,

Saw Tron in 3D,

and ate dinner at Red Robin where he had a crowd sing to him and deliver an  ice cream sundae. 

Let’s not forget to mention that they all enjoyed late nights and sleepovers in my bed. :)

I guess rules go out the window when mom’s gone.

I’d say our daddy knows how to make the birthday boy feel special!

I did however, hang the birthday banner and wrap presents before I left.  Casey had special instructions from me so that when I got home on Sunday night we could all celebrate together. 

As soon as we walked through the door, Jake was begging to open presents. 

J's 8th Birthday Presents

Have I told you that he is a Texans fan?  He got a Texans hat for Christmas and opened a Texans jersey and football for his birthday.  He hasn’t taken them off since.

For his special birthday dinner he requested his favorite. 


He likes pepperoni, mushrooms, olives and cheese in his.


We even pulled out the special glasses and of course the yellow birthday plate.

And then he blew out the candles.

Cake w

Cake - 1

Monday morning he had breakfast in bed.  This worked out good since he didn’t have school on Monday.  Thank you Martin Luther King! Sometimes he gets jipped when it comes to this tradition.  His birthday is usually in the middle of the week on a school morning and by the time the weekend comes I have forgotten about it.  This time he enjoyed it!

Breakfast in Bed -1

And yes.  He slept in his jersey.

Next up is his birthday party.  He had a great day with friends today.  You’ll see him in his jersey for that too.  Maybe he needs one more???


Beth Curtis said...

I seriously LOVE that kid. Happy Birthday Jake! We love you so much! Great pics of the wedding and Jakers. It sounds like he had a great day.

Lindsey Jensen said...

I love the birthday banner you made!! Super cute! Happy Birthday Jake! I wish we could make it there next month. We are so sad to have to miss it!!

Paige said...

wow...these kids grow up faster than I can believe..happy birthday Jake!

Stephanie said...

Happy B-Day, Jake!! I love the traditions and Casey sure did let them live it up :)

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