Sunday, April 17, 2011

Right Now…

I am sitting in my bed with my computer on my lap enjoying the silence. 

Right now… the only noise I hear is the humming of the A/C.  Love it!  The kids are tucked in bed, fast asleep.  My husband is in the study taking a phone call.  I have made my list of to-do’s for the week.  My grocery list is written out and ready to go for tomorrow.  So that means…

Right now…I get to do whatever I want!

I choose to reminisce about last week and take some time to record our memories.  My sister in law, who is also an awesome friend, came to visit with her 3 kids.  She and I got to hang out while the cousins played.   They had way too much fun together.  Of course we had to take some photos.  We took them to the Blue Bonnet field right after church, while they were still dressed up.

Cousins - 1 CW

We enjoyed some of Houstons perfect weather while they were here.  Right now is the best time of year to be outside.  It’s not humid or hot, it’s just perfect Spring weather.  We took full advantage of that. 

The kids played outside…A LOT

Cousins - 2 CW

We spent many evenings and much of Saturday at the baseball field watching some intense games.  We came prepared with Sunflower Seeds and our soda of choice. 

We made homemade ice cream and had a BBQ.  That coupled with baseball games and sprinklers in the backyard was a perfect Saturday.

Cousins - 3 CW

My kids got to ditch one day of school.  Kari and I took them on a field trip to the Children’s Museum, where we played store and kitchen, a gigantic game of Checkers, splashed at the water table, did a butterfly craft, played with play-do and buried dump trucks in rubber.  Then we grabbed some McDonalds and had a picnic at the fountains while the kids ran and splashed in the water.  It was a fabulous day. 

In between all of the running around and playing outside you could find piles of Lego’s and Hotwheel cars.  You could hear the clicking of play guns.  You would find the girls lounging in one of the T.V. rooms watching movies while the boys were in the other one playing the XBox.  They knew how to entertain themselves.  They also knew where to find the treats.

We even found time to do a little shopping here and there.  We picked up some things to re-do the extra bathroom upstairs.  I had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket.  I was waiting for someone to say “Ummm… yeah.  You REALLY need a new shower curtain.”  It turned out so cute.  I will have to share pictures soon. 

Kari and I had to do a drink run to McDonalds  We might have missed one day and decided it just wasn’t worth it.  We need our caffeine.  Is that bad?  You can’t beat the drive up at McDonald’s or their .99 drinks.

It was fun just being together.  The two of us had a great routine going on in the kitchen and around the house.  It was nice to tag team with someone else and have company while doing the monotonous motherly things.  We chatted and problem solved together about life while we worked and then again after the kids were in bed. It made me miss them and wish we lived closer.    

Cousins - 4 CW

Even though they change and grow so much in between visits, their relationships stay the same.  We are so glad we got to spend a whole week together.  Time together is priceless!


Andrea said...

IT sounds like it was delightful. I am so happy that you were able to share that much needed time. Your pictures are adorable.

I hope Kari was able to relax and enjoy her time as well.

Letti said...

That sounds like a fun week. I just got back from Texas a few weeks ago and I loved your weather. It is so much better than that awful summer heat. Your pictures turned out beautiful.

Beth Curtis said...

oh my heavens! I can't get over Ady and Jake in these pics. My favorite is Ady running. Sigh, the lighting is perfection. You are awesome.

Jamie said...

Oh how I LOVE your pictures! Your kids are all so gorgeous Krysta!

Stephanie said...

You take the best pics ever! I wish I could hire you.

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