Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend

It’s hard to believe that another holiday has come and gone.  Be prepared for picture overload!  I am letting the pictures tell the story of our Easter week/weekend. 

The celebrations started earlier last week when the kids and I had a “stuff the eggs with loot” party to prepare for our annual Easter Egg Hunt. 

The Loot

Saturday, mid morning we had our egg hunt.  We invited some friends over to join us.  Including us there were 5 families and a total of  14 kids.  We ate lunch together and then started the races.  The little ones went first and stayed in the backyard.  This is how I found Ady.

Wagon - 1

She’ll catch on! :)

When it was the big kids turn they headed out to the front.  Tami is the best hider ever!  She puts the eggs in the most clever spots.  Who ever parks their car in the front always gets eggs put on their tires, in the door handles and on the hood.  Next year I’m going to have to take pictures of all of her hiding spots.  It always goes so fast!  I’m just happy I got the pictures I did. 


Sunday morning the kids woke up to find easter bunny trails leading to their baskets. 

Bunny Trail

This is a fun tradition that we started a couple of years ago.

Bunny Trail - 1 

We let the kids come down one by one to figure out which trail is theirs. 

Bunny Trail - 2

The suspense is fun.  Especially when I make them wait “just one more minute” so I can take pictures before they come down and it gets destroyed.  They really love that! :)

Ady wasn’t sure what to think when she saw her trail.  Almost like it was too good to be true!


Then she wouldn’t stop eating the candy.  She had NO interest in her basket.

 Ady - 2

The Easter Bunny went with a summer theme this year.


Everyone got a new swim suit and flip flops, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, squirt guns and plenty of swim toys for the pool. 


Lastly, our Easter ended with going to church and of course stopping to snap a photo of the kids in their Sunday best. 

Easter Day CW

They are so good to me to go along with my whims of pulling over on the side of the road and making them stomp through prickly grass so mom could get her Easter picture!  I love them!


Beth Curtis said...

so, Ady is stealing the show in this post. I can't get over her hair! It is getting SO long. She is looking like a big girl. I love the idea of the bunny trail. I am going to have to remember that. You are going to need to frame that last pic. All the kiddos look so gorgeous!

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Ady is too funny! This made me laugh because it's about how Ethan acted about finding eggs and his basket. All he cared about was the chocolate!

Kaylee looks GORGEOUS in the last pick. Our little girls are growing up too fast :(

Brandi said...

I love the trails to the buckets, cute idea!! And that last pic is absolutely adorable!!!!!!

Jess Payne said...

I love these pictures!!!

Stephanie said...

Our bunny leaves a trail too!! How funny :) I love the "A" shirt on Ady. Adorable. The kids look like they had so much fun.

Lindsey Jensen said...

Seriously, could you have a cuter family!?!?!? They are so good lookin!! That is such a fun way to do your easter baskets!! I'll have to remember that one!

Letti said...

I love that the Easter Bunny leaves a trail. I hope our EB will do that next year. Your kids look so cute in their Easter clothes.

Kari said...

I love Ady's pig tails! Sooo cute! The Easter bunny in Salt Lake needed to have a winter theme. Baskets filled with gloves, hot chocolate and snow gear would have worked well with our weather!

Andrea said...

What a great idea with the candy. Ady looks adorable, and that was a great picture to capture in the wagon.

Your last picture is great. You are lucky to have late church.

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