Sunday, May 15, 2011

So Blessed

I have been meaning to sit down and take some time to journal about Mothers Day all week,  but with 3 of us being sick, a husband working crazy hours of overtime, baseball tournaments, swim practices and end of the year parties my intentions to blog didn’t make it very far.  What’s new really?  That is just part of Motherhood.  Being able to roll with the punches and realize what is worth stressing out about and what isn’t comes with the territory.  I didn’t even clean my house this week, as in…didn’t make a bed, didn’t wipe off a counter, didn’t vacuum…nothing.  I can honestly say I didn’t have time for it.  I don’t plan on making that a habit, but this week that is just how it had to be.  It has taken me a long time to get to the point of living day by day and having to decide what I can look past each day.  Even though I don’t enjoy living in chaos on a regular basis, I have come to the realization that this is my life and I really do love it.  I love that my life isn’t boring and that I learn new skills and am pushed to my limit every day.  I have to get creative to make things work around here in our home, with our children and managing our schedules.  I am thankful for my husband and good friends and neighbors who forgive me for my forgetfulness and know my true intentions.  Most of all I am thankful to be a mother to these 4 beautiful children and for my husband who makes it possible for me to be the kind of mother I desire to be (and am STILL working on becoming).   

Mothers Day 2011 

Earlier last week Drew’s school hosted a Mothers Day lunch.  It is the cutest thing ever.  The kids and teachers put so much effort and love into it.  Everything was hand made.  My lunch was all served up for me and ready to go when I got there.  Drew had made butterflies on my placemat with his hand prints.  To know which place setting was mine there was a hand made picture of me and a vase of flowers with Drew’s picture.  My gift was a recipe holder with a poem about Mothers.  So sweet.  I use the recipe holder in my kitchen now.  


The kids were on staging singing for the first half off the program and then when it was time to eat with us they came and knelt on one knee in front of their moms and sang “You are my Sunshine”.  It truly was the sweetest thing ever!  I don’t cry really, but the tears started coming during this song.  I had one of those flashback and then flashforward mom moments and it scared me!  I sang this song to Drew all the time as a baby and a toddler.  Up until just a couple of years ago he was still asking me to sing him this song when I tucked him in at night.  And now here he is singing to me!  Seeing him on his knee in front of me made me realize how fast he is growing up.  He is still MY baby and always will be, but I know that sooner than later he is going to have other girls in his heart and be on one knee proposing.  I know that sounds so silly, but he is not going to be little forever.  I love this little boy of mine and all the extra time we have been able to spend together.  He has a July birthday and I struggled a lot with the decision to keep him home for another year or send him to Kindergarten.  I know that we made the right decision by keeping him home.  He is so ready to be with the big kids now and I can let him go knowing that he is more mature and better prepared.  Plus, once they start school, that’s it.  You can’t ever get those years at home back. 

Drew - 1

My family spoiled me on Mothers Day weekend.  I was able to take half of Saturday and go on a much needed shopping trip and then enjoyed staying in a hotel all by myself.  My husband understands my language.  The way I recharge my batteries is time away.  It was the perfect gift for me.  My family joined me for breakfast and then I came home to a bazillion hand made gifts.  I have an art section in my laundry room where all of my gifts are hanging and will be for awhile.  It’s nice to know that I am needed AND appreciated. :)


Lindsey Jensen said...

I love all of that! The Mother's Day lunch is so sweet!! I love that they sang to you. When you put that he got down on one knee the proposal was one of the first things I thought of too. It is crazy to think how fast the years go by and sad at the same time!! You are such an amazing mother and I'm so glad that you were spoiled and treated to a night out alone!! You deserve the best!! Even though you are my sister you have always been a mother figure for me to look up to and I love you for all that you have taught me!! Thanks for being such a great mom to your children, a sister to me and an example to those around you. You are the BEST (and a hot mom too, I might add)!! Love you tons!

Kari said...

Looks like I need to come back and help you with kitchen duty. Counters were my job! You are such a great mom. I love all the little projects Drew made you. We need to come up with a good idea to feature and store all the kids' art. Let's brainstorm together on that one! Love ya!

Brandi said...

Time away in a hotel by yourself...jealous!!! How flippin' awesome is that. Love the sweet little homemade gifts...too cute!!!! Glad u had such a special day!!!! And not cleaning all week long; awesome!!

Andrea said...

What a great mother's day. I love the story about Drew and You are my sunshine. It is so sweet.

You are the best mom and deserved everything you got. I am proud of you for not cleaning. That is awesome. You are a great example.

Beth Curtis said...

request: I need some close ups of Ady. Her piggies are killing me! Your kiddos are SO adorable. I miss them so much. I hope that I can have some of those same fun experience that you have with your kids with my own. No joke, when I think of being a mom I always think, "what would Krysta do" (is that sacrilegious?)

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Ok I am so asking for a stay alone in a hotel for a night for mother's day next year. How awesome is that?! Sounds like you had a perfect mother's day :)

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