Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Summer To - Do List

I did it!  Our Summer List is framed and hanging on our laundry room door for all to see.

Summer List - 1

I took the idea from here and made it work for us (see post below for other links).  The only thing I had to buy was the frame.  I purchased mine from Target.  I gathered up my scrapbook paper and chose about 6 different patterns that I liked together.  They were 12x12 sheets of paper and the frame was 12 inches in width, so I cut the paper into 1 inch squares to fit across the frame.  I used the paper that came with the frame as a template to glue all of my strips onto.  I used my kids lined paper for the background of the header. I made my title in Photoshop and printed it on a scrap of one of the papers I used.  I was planning on using some of my old scrapbooking embellishments, but my supply has ran out since I switched to digital.  If you have some, this would be a fun place to use them.  I also don’t have colored ink right now so I went with a black title, but I am happy with how it turned out.  This was one project that I was not picky with and just enjoyed putting it together.  Once I had all of my paper pieces glued on and inside my frame, I wrote out our list.  I wrote on the glass because I want the kids to be able to check off the things we do.  The only problem is, it isn’t glass, it is Plexiglas, so the ink doesn’t come off.  It should come off with Windex if you are using real glass.  I had to be very careful while writing because of this!  I really don’t like my handwriting, but I’m over it. :)

Summer List

I think it is such a fun summer addition!  The kids love it and can’t wait to start marking things off. 

As for the things on our list, I wrote all or our Alphabet Summer Activities (see post below for more details), some projects we (me) needs (wants) to finish and other summery things.  Like:

Water balloon fights, sleeping in, family movie nights, tissue paper craft, making treats and dinners with mom, sleep- overs, pool trips, library trips, re-doing the game room, late nights, pick berries, scrapbook, go to the temple, celebrate Fathers Day, celebrate birthdays, read a chapter book together, play in sprinklers, exercise regularly, explore Old Town Spring, Children’s Museum, make birthday party gifts for next year, back to school shopping, organize food storage closet, go to Arkansas, Waterway Square, do a puzzle, 4th of July, have a picnic under the trampoline, print my 365 book, and have a bike wash. 

We are ready to go!

We have survived our first day and a half of Summer.  We have been to a 4th grade pool party, had a sleep over, taken Ady to the dr. because I thought she broke her wrist.  She is fine but… is now in a big girl bed.  Made a trip to the pool, eaten at Chic-fil-A, been to another pool party, went on a photo shoot, watched movies and still have had time to bicker, nag and tattle tale!  Welcome Summer!!!! :)


Tam said...

Bicker and tattle tell? Never! I am already ready for summer to be over! U forgot u've already had a sleepover and ditched ur friends dinner party!

Letti said...

Thanks for this tutorial. I am using your inspiration and doing the same thing. I am not doing the alphabet but I am doing 60 Summer To Do's. Having 6 kids ranging in ages from 15-1 it should be interesting. I hope it creates memories for them.

Lindsey Jensen said...

Cute! You are such a fun mom, I love it!!

Stephanie said...

Yours is so cute!!!

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

What a cute idea! Maybe this would make me more organized?! Before we know it summer is over and I feel like we accomplished nothing!

Aw poor Ady :( Hope she is alright.

Kim said...

so cute Krysta...your home looks have your mom's creativity blasting through you! wish you were here to help me!

Jamie said...

LOVE this! I'm off to make one! Thanks for the great idea! Happy summer!!!

Andrea said...

Great list. You are going to have a great summer.

Kellogg said...

Hey Krysta! So what is the great idea for an EASY Teacher thank you this year?

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