Sunday, July 10, 2011

Catching up…a list

Where have I been? 

You may have been asking that question.  But then again…maybe not! :)  It has been a month since this poor blog and blogging world has heard from me.  I can hardly believe I let myself get so far behind!  Busy, busy, busy is about all I can say.  So busy I can hardly catch my breath, but we have been having lots of fun.  That is the important thing…although I am SOOOOOOOO ready to get into a routine, even if it is a summer routine!  Here are some of the things we have been up to…incase you wondering.

In list format (that’s the way my brain thinks):

A couple of days after our summer break began Andrea and her family came to visit for a week.  Berry picking, family photos, a massage, baseball game and shopping, LOTS of kids play time, outings to the pool, just to name a few things.

Ady went on a trip to Utah with her daddy for 4 days.  It was over Fathers Day weekend but it really was more like a Mothers Day present to me!  Awesome dad/husband, huh?

We wrapped up swim season.  We now have 2 extra hours in the morning and Saturdays free. 

We took a trip to Arkansas to visit Andrea and her family.  It was just me and the kids.  I drove myself there and back.  Pretty proud of that.  So glad I did too, because the trip was exactly what I needed, even if we did just see each other a week and half ago.

When we came home from Arkansas we had some very special visitors here.  My friend Sara and her husband Christian were here house hunting for 10 days.  We grew up together and were pretty much joined at the hip!!  The kind of friendship where our parents seriously considered each of us the other daughter.  We are so excited that they are moving here.  Not only to Houston, but into the neighborhood and our ward!

Then we celebrated the 4th of July.

And then it was Kaylee’s birthday.

And today is Drew’s birthday!

So as you can see…I have been a tiny bit busy enjoying friendships and family celebrations. 

But wait!  There’s more…

I have been VERY busy dealing with the household craziness that comes with having 4 kids home for summer break.  Ughhhh… is how I have been feeling most of the time.  But I know that is about to change now that we have more free time and a summer routine to look forward to.  We have so many fun things planned and I really can’t wait to get to it!

I have had 4 photo shoots this past month. Which might not sound like that much, but to me it is A LOT.  I am loving it though.  It is so rewarding.  I’m just working on balancing all things which really is a never ending story. You can view two of my recent photo shoots here.  I’m working on editing the other two.  Check back soon.

Besides all of that I have been working on my photography portfolio.  I have my photography page up and running on Facebook and I am so glad I did that.  What a wonderful way to advertise.

Since I am on the topic of photography…I made the BIG change to CS5 and WOW!  It is amazing.  The best change ever!

AND…I am in the process of organizing and purging 1000+ photos I just took off my memory card.  HUGE headache!

I also have been pinning…A LOT!  What is not to love about Pinterest?  It is easy, fun, addicting and creative.  If you haven’t tried it yet you really should!!!  You can find me here.

I had a fun surprise a couple of weeks ago when my friend Michelle e-mailed me and told me I had been featured on Tip Junkie!  OK…what???  That was my thought.  She sent me the link.  I checked it out and sure enough there was a photo of Ady’s 1st Birthday.  Second one from the top.  So fun to see that!

So there is one month for me in a nutshell!  I have so many things to catch up on.  Since a post (for me anyways) isn’t complete without a picture, here is one of Drew.  Since it is his birthday today and all. :)


I plan on getting caught up on this and so much more very, very soon!



Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Hopefully you will be able to sit back (well not really because as moms we can never sit back, but you know what I mean) and enjoy the summer a bit. You are super mom! The Tip Junkie feature was fun :) You should be a party planner too!

Happy Birthday Drew!!

Kari said...

I WAS wondering where you went! I am glad to see you back! I missed you!

Andrea said...

You have been busy. Happy Birthday Drew. I miss my blogging friend. I am glad to have you back.

Stephanie said...

SOOOOOOO beyond jealous you guys are going to live so close to each other. I asked Eric if we could move too, but he said it probably won't happen. He's so mean sometimes!!!! So when can I visit :)

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