Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Around Here {Gallery Walls}

First of all, thank you for all of your thoughtful comments and encouragement on my last post.  It’s always nice to be reminded that we aren’t alone and everyone has similar struggles.  I am feeling much better.  Sometimes it just helps to get thoughts out of my mind and on “paper”.  It is therapy all on its own.   We had a great Labor Day Weekend.  I hope you all did!  Ours included Kaylee having a bestie sleep over, an afternoon of errand running, a lemonade stand, and tackling our 72 hour kits.  There was also a nice big bonus for me.

My husband spoiled me a little bit…ok, A LOT.  He had a voucher to try this new hotel in town.  It was equipped with a pool (of course) a splash pad and a breakfast buffet. So he took the kids Sunday after church and stayed until mid afternoon on Monday…and left me home alone.  That is some HUGE therapy!  I enjoyed lots and lots of quiet.  I didn’t turn the T.V. or the radio on once.  I didn’t even think about it.  I read a lot, organized a lot and finished up some random little projects…and I did not clean once!   He understands how much time alone is soothing to me and can fix so many things.  It gave me time to miss my kids and appreciate my family all over again.  I am so, so blessed!

Onto my post…

This post is a two for one.  Two gallery walls to share in one post.  One of my favorite boards on Pinterest is my Gallery Walls.  I love how creative they can be and the rule is: anything goes!  There are so many different types of gallery walls out there.  You can choose a theme; empty frames, quotes, prints, family photos, clocks, mirrors,or a mix of all of them and whatever randomness you can think of.  There are also so many ways to display them; it can take up the space of one entire wall, it can be a small collage, they can go from the floor up to the ceiling, it can include all the same size frames or it can have all different sized frames.  It can be in a random mix-match placement or in a very streamlined and organized placement.  Once again: anything goes!  It is one of my favorite ways to decorate my walls.  I have a love for frames and photos anyway, but this helps to mix it up and put a spin on things. 

I thought I would share two walls in my home that I have been meaning to share for a really long time.   This is the wall you see when you open the door to the half bath downstairs. 


I had the large rectangle frame already in this bathroom.  On my list for awhile was to add frames to this and make a new gallery wall.  This summer when I went to Arkansas to visit Andrea I knew I had to take advantage of the antiquing.  They have the very best!  I am always guaranteed to find what I am looking for.  It is one of my favorite things! One afternoon Jonathan was kind enough to keep the big kids for us so we could get our “thrill” in.  We both love to dig for treasures.  I came home with everything I needed to finish my wall.


  I added the mirror and silhouette for my little bit of random.  The silhouette was 4.99 and the mirror was on sale for 18.00 A little pricier than I would have liked to spend, but it is a really heavy, nice old mirror and definitely worth the price.   I found all of the other frames there as well.  All at the same store.  I love when that happens.  I also love when I can hang it all up in 10 min.  because it all just worked together. 

The next one is my kids bathroom upstairs.  I guess the theme of my gallery wall post today is bathrooms?  Not very glamorous.  Who wants to look at a toilet?  Sick.  I will try to not show one very often. 

This is the Jack and Jill bathroom that connects the boys room with Kaylee’s.  This bathroom has always been a struggle for me because you see it from both of their rooms.  Well, Kaylee’s room has very different colors than the boys room, so how do you make that work? 


That is the answer.  They have an all white bathroom and I absolutely love it.  Well, it’s all white with pops of two different shades of green.  The green is what ties it to Kaylee’s room and the white is what keeps it neutral enough for the view from the boys room.

Here is what I’m talking about. (Please ignore  how awful the green looks on Kaylee’s walls.  I had the lighting focused on the bathroom wall and it made her paint color look a bit CrAzY.) 

This is the view from Kaylee’s room.


This is the view from the boys’ room. 


White solved all of my problems!

Back to the gallery wall.  This wall was inspired by one of Andrea’s posts.  In fact, when she came to visit last January we whipped this room right up.  It is still one of my fave’s. 

This wall has a theme of phrases; bathroom and children related. 


It has all different sizes and types of frames.  Most of which I had.  I bought 3 wooden frames in the craft section at Walmart and painted them white.


The phrases are:

Comb your hair

I love you. No, I love you. I love you more. No, I love you more.

Dare to be Different

Brush your teeth

You are my Sunshine

Wash your hands

Love is spoken here

Just a few ideas.  Have fun with a gallery wall in your home.  Get creative and make up your own rules.  I love how they turn out and how many options there are.  I also love an all white room.  I was so nervous about it at first, but I have enjoyed it every day since then.  Take a risk!


Colleen said...

so very cute Krysta! I love the kids bath ones with all the themes. I might just have to pin this : )

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Loving both walls! The green and white looks fabulous. I'm loving the antique ones too. You are making me want to redo my gallery walls now!!

Letti said...

I love what you have done. I am going to steal that bathroom wall. Its just what I have been looking for. Thanks!

Angie said...

I love the gallery walls you came up with! What site/company did you use to print the bathrooms signs? Or, did you print them yourself? Thanks for the inspiration!

Tam said...

I love getting deeper glimpses into how your mind works ... U and I couldn't be more opposite in that area but i need to start changing the way I think. I would never think of doing a white bathroom for kiddos but once it's done it looks awesome.
U r amazing and deserve the r and r u got. Casey does spoil u but it's a 2 way street! I'm just a little shocked that my hubby was trying to talk ME into spending a nite at the hotel w YOUR hubby! What is he trying to tell me?!?

Krysta said...

Thanks Angie! We printed them ourselves and made them in Photoshop. Andrea already had them on her computer from her bathroom. We just changed the colors to work in my bathroom.

Andrea said...

I love them both. I love how the open frames turned out. The mirror was so worth it. and painting the walls white makes the whole room. I love it.

Alison B said...

i love the phrases...could you post them so we can print them? :)

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