Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween/Fall Decor. {Part Two}

We have had a fun and productive weekend.  Those are the best kind!  Saturday morning we spent at the football field with the boys.  Football has started for them and they are loving it.  It seems to be Jake’s thing more than baseball, which kind of breaks my heart because I have a soft spot for baseball and baseball players.  I married one.  It’s only our second weekend with football so it’s a little early to tell, but his body language is much more focused and confident on the football field.  I’m just glad they both are having so much fun.  Later in the day we ran lots of errands.  We finalized Halloween costumes.  Here is the line up:

Kaylee – a nerd with one of her bff’s.  They are making all of the costume arrangements.  Should be interesting.

Jake – a mafia gangster

Drew – a boxer/fighter

Ady – Strawberry Shortcake

What I like the most  is that we have everything for the costumes.  I told the kids this year we weren’t buying costumes.  They had to have the majority of the costume in the house.  We bought Jake a machine gun to finish his costume. Kaylee needed some glasses.  We are making Ady’s costume and Drew already had his boxing gloves.  We are ready to go! 

Ady’s birthday is this week.  She is going to be the big 2.  We are going with a Strawberry Shortcake theme, presents and all.  That girl eats, drinks and sleeps Strawberry.  “Watch Strawberry Shortcake” is the first phrase she says every morning, besides telling me it’s time for lunch (which means breakfast).

I made these super yummy Oreo cupcakes Friday night while Kaylee was having a dance party with a friend in our family room.  It brought back LOTS of childhood memories.  I remember so many fun times like that and it is only the beginning for her. 

We have been lucky to enjoy a little fall weather here.  We even had a late night on the trampoline last night as a family.  It was fun.  It felt like we were camping laying on the trampoline watching the moon and talking.  We need to do that more often.  The kids even talked about it today. It has been gloomy and rainy all day today.  Which is great because we need the rain even though I am personally NOT a fan of the rain.  I don’t like dark days.  It does make it feel a little halloweenish though.  I took these pictures of our entry table the other day before it got dark and gloomy.  I thought I would share them today and celebrate this weather.  Here is our entry table:

Entry Table_0003

I had so much fun decorating for halloween this year.  I learned a new trick out in blogland.  It is called spanish moss.  Of course the idea of spanish moss isn’t new to me, but using it to take the place of spooky cobwebs was new to me.  Super fun!  Although it is extremely messy…just warning you!

Entry Table_0005

I made this candy corn banner last year.  I still love it and was excited to use it again.

Entry Table_0007

Entry Table_0009

I made this little pom pom last year too. It is the perfect size to hang from my lamp.  It’s made out of orange cupcake liners all scrunched up together and hot glued onto a styrofoam ball. 

Entry Table_0014

The crow is from last year too.  I went back to Dollar Tree this year and got a lot more.  They are all over my house. 

 Entry Table_0016

I found the orange spider juice bottle at Michaels one day, on sale for $2.99.  It was a fun addition. 

Entry Table_0021 The skull was at Michaels too for $1.49.  I bought two of them.  I found the little glass whatever it’s called that the skull is in, at Marshall’s one day for $6.99.  And to think that I wasn’t going to get it.  What was I thinking?  It is so versatile and can be used for anything.  Definitely a fun buy.

Entry Table_0028

I printed out the 31 onto scrapbook paper I already had.  Such an easy addition.  I was searching for a fun Halloween printable, but I couldn’t find anything that worked quite right so this was my easy fix.  The bat finishes it for me.  Andrea inspired me with her bats, so I had to give them a try.  I added glitter to ours for a little blingage.  We have them flying around our dinning room too.


More to come soon!  I am loving Halloween this year. 


Andrea said...

Very cute. I really like the spanish moss idea. I love how it looks. Now I am going to borrow that idea. It all looks so great. I can't wait to see the rest.

It sounds like you had a great weekend. Those are the best.

Lindsey Jensen said...

Super cute!! You inspire me to actually want to decorate for Halloween!! I need you to live closer to me... just sayin' ;-)

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

So cute!!! Every stinking detail! You make me want to decorate more! I love that 31 on the scrapbook paper with the bat. Perfect!! Love the container Thingy too. Glad you didn't pass it up! They have skulls at the dollar store too. Did you see them?? Alexa wants to be strawberry shortcake this year too! Too cute! I was thinking about making a costume but I don't know if I want that much work!! What are you doing for Ady's?

Kate said...

Hi Krysta! I pinned this, not knowing it was you, for some Halloween inspiration. This table is incredible! I wish we lived by each other again so you could come help me with my Halloween decorating. You're so creative. Hopefully we'll see you in Houston again before too long.

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