Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My weekend away in Instagram photos {York, PA. 2012}

I really wanted to have Ady’s birthday posted by now or even Halloween, but sadly I haven’t gotten to those pictures yet.  I am actually sitting in the car right now while we travel to San Antonio for Thanksgiving.  We are having a non traditional holiday and spending it at Sea World.  So I get to sit here and enjoy the drive and spend time on my computer.  Which is the ONLY reason I like road trips.  My husband loves them while I feel suffocated.  Somehow we make it work.  :)

My new favorite thing these days is Instagram.  The quality of the images are not the best, but the picture is done and a short story about our day is shared so quickly.  Right now that is working for me.  So those of you that follow me on Instagram have probably already seen these photos.  Sorry y’all.  I’ll make up for it later.

A few weeks ago I hopped on a plane all by myself and headed to Pennsylvania to visit my dearest friend.  I couldn’t wait!  We hadn’t seen each other in 10 months.  Both of us could not believe it had been that long.  We are used to seeing each other at least every 6 months.  Sometimes life gets too busy and time gets away from us.  Thank goodness for free air mileage and a husband who is more than willing to party it up with the kids while I am away. 


Even the airport with out kids is a vacation. 


Usually when you visit a place you have never been before you want to go out and explore everything you possibly can.  This time all I really wanted to do was hang out at home with Andrea and just be us.  Andrea’s home is my home away from home.  I feel like I am in the comfort of  my own home with out all of the hustle and bustle of my real life.  It was the perfect vacation.  That is when you know you have found a very best friend.  When you travel across the country and what makes you the happiest is spending time together at home.  Staying up late catching up, watching our favorite shows, sitting on the computer or playing with our phones side by side.  Yep, the simple things make us happy!

We did get out and go to the Eastern Market where they buy most of their produce.  Some produce that I haven’t even seen before.  And to the farm to buy fresh milk.  It was a really fun and different experience to see how parts of life in Pennsylvania are so different.  In a good way.  I saw the Amish working the market.  We stayed for lunch and had the best chicken pot pie.  It was a good day.


I was spoiled at home with yummy treats like homemade funnel cake. 


I had my own personal hair dresser.  Sweet Tessa!


My kids would call me to say goodnight.  They can’t get enough of face time!


I loved every second I spent with one of my favorite families.  We are blessed to be able to share in each others lives. 


Thank you for having me and thank you to my hubby for letting me go! 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!


Andrea said...

We loved having you. When are you coming again? It was nice to just chill at home and I am so glad it was a nice vacation for you.

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Fun! I can't imagine time away from the kids like that. At this point, going to the grocery store alone feels like a spa day ;) I haven't blogged in forever! I wish I could get my act together. And I love your low quality Instagram pics ;)

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