Monday, April 29, 2013

Looking Back on 2012 {Part Three} THE END!

Let’s be honest… It is ridiculous how long it has taken me to get this blog post done. The motivation just hasn’t been there.  It is no fun feeling behind on blogging all the time. That is a huge motivation zapper for me!  I have all of these great current photos sitting on my computer that I would much rather be spending time sorting through and sharing but I can’t bear to leave gaps in my blog.  It is my family history.  Our timeline of events and bits and pieces of my journal.  So bear with me for one more post while I fill in the gaps on my blog.  It’s time to catch up!

September Collage - 2012

Ady enjoyed having the TV all to herself every morning after the kids left for school.  This is how she starts every single day – Jammie’s, blankets, and show of her choice.  Football season started.  Everyone (except for me) was glued to the TV every Sunday.  I made Casey a football cake for a contest at work.  Kaylee had the opportunity to swim with the Olympians. We made a trip to the beach.  Ady insisted on dressing up and having a tea party lunch.  She makes my days fun!

October Collage - 2012

The boys met Brooks Reed - a linebacker for the Texans.  It is a tradition every Fall to make caramel apples. Ady turned 3.  We had a lazy morning with breakfast at Shipley’s Donuts in our pajamas.  We celebrated Halloween. Drew – Skeleton, Kaylee – Egyptian, Ady – Kitty Cat Pirate (her own made up costume) Jake – scary guy from Scream. We were home for maybe 5 min. from trick or treating when we lost power.  It made for an interesting Halloween night. 

November Collage - 2012

I went on a trip to Pennsylvania to visit Andrea.  It was much needed time together.  I enjoyed every second of it!  My family surprised me with roses, just because. We took the kids to the movies.  Family movies are the best! I joined the boys at school where they hosted a breakfast for mothers. Over Thanksgiving weekend Santa was welcomed to town with fireworks and the Christmas lights went on in Town Green.  We went to Sea World for Thanksgiving with the Dickamore’s.  We loved spending time with them!

December Collage - 2012

We decorated for Christmas.  My parents came to town to celebrate with us.  Drew painted an awesome reindeer at school which I framed and displayed for the holiday.  It is my favorite piece of child artwork yet. We celebrated Casey’s birthday.  Ady enjoyed being creative with her Christmas gifts.  We took a family picture and sent out Christmas cards. I loved the reflection of Christmas lights in the mirrors and windows all over my house.  We made our traditional gingerbread houses.    We had a beautiful Christmas morning breakfast (one of my favorite things). We made sugar cookies for Santa. 

Well, that’s a rap! 


Just incase - Here is Part One and Part Two

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Kari said...

You did it! Good job.

Andrea said...

I love seeing all these pictures. They are ones I haven't seen. Great Christmas pics, and Drew's art is awesome. Love it.

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