Friday, May 10, 2013

We LOVE Baseball!

Our baseball season is coming to an end. :(

Before that officially happens I thought I better blog about it…because dang it…I am going to be a better blogger!

Our family loves baseball.  We enjoy going to any baseball game whenever we get the chance.  I especially love being a baseball mom to my two boys.  It is magic for me. Something about it calms me and I completely forget about my mile long to do list and any other thoughts  floating around in my head.  I am just happy to be in the moment with my boys; being their best cheerleader.  

Baseball - Spring 2013-90 - edit CR

I love watching them on the field.

Baseball - Spring 2013-4 - edit CR Baseball - Spring 2013-41 - edit CR

You can always find Casey behind the fence as one of the coaches.

Baseball - Spring 2013-35 - edit CR  

Did you notice Kaylee’s striped hair?  It was opening day and man was it a partaaay!



Baseball - Spring 2013-86 - edit CR

There was plenty of entertainment for the kids in between games this day.

Usually Ady spends the whole game digging in the dirt…

Baseball - Spring 2013-52 - edit CR

but she makes sure to check in on the game every once in awhile.

Kaylee reads or does homework…

Baseball - Spring 2013-47 - edit CR

or something.

Did I mention that I am the best cheerleader???

Yeah, I need to rub off on Kaylee a little.

Baseball - Spring 2013-33 - edit CR

However, she is very good at taking care of this little chick for me so I can watch the game and not miss a great play. 

Because we all know that is the worst! How do you tell your super excited son that you missed his awesome play???

I don’t know how you other sport mom’s do it, but I bring my camera to ONE game.  I usually choose a day that both of the boys are playing but at different times (so I don’t miss a great play. :) Double duty is HARD!) I focus on snapping pictures that day.  I get what I can and then that is it.  No more camera at the fields anymore. Even if I didn’t get the pictures I wanted or had in mind.  For me, watching the game through my camera lens isn’t the same and I end up getting distracted.

Untitled-5       Untitled-4Untitled-2  

Baseball - Spring 2013-93 - edit CR

Baseball - Spring 2013-92 -  CR

I tell them to be baseball ready so I need to be cheerleader ready! 

But for one game the distraction is worth it.

I love me some baseball playin’ boys!


P.S. I remembered an old post from Jake’s very first T-ball season at the Y. This is how it all started.  It was fun reading it and seeing how much we have all grown since then, especially my little man!


Kari said...

Those baseball games are fun and relaxing! We wish our boys were interested in playing!

Beth Curtis said...

this post made me so happy. I literally had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading. There is nothing cuter than little boys and baseball.

Beth Curtis said...
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Andrea said...

I feel the same way about baseball. I look forward to game day because I can leave my to do list at home. I also only take my camera to one or two games.
Now.. with that said. It's time to move to Logan so that our kids can play ball together. Then J and Casey can play for the Smithfield Blue Sox.
That would be fun. Miss you. Happy Mother's Day.

Colleen said...

aww you are back!!!! Yay!! I can't wait until my little guy plays sports.

P.S. you look fabulous : )

R.F. Dietz said...

You have such a cute happy family!

Letti said...

Your boys are so cute. back in California we were always so busy with sports it was crazy, a fun crazy but still crazy. Now that we are in Texas its nice not having them in anything yet. I know it will happen soon but right now I am taking advantage of not having 6 kids going all different directions.

I do the same thing with my camera too. But I try to take the camera on a day that my hubby is there with me that way at least one of us can cheer the kids on. Its crazy how different watching a game is with a camera in tow.

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