Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bitter Sweet Soccer Day

I know I just posted about soccer last Saturday, but this is mostly just for my memories of a good and bad soccer day. And so I can look back and read this and think "That wasn't so bad! There could have been so many worse things than that!"

Kaylee had a double header this morning at 8:30 and 9:30. Kaylee played really well and made her first goal of the season! Yeah!!! That made all the evening practices worth it and she was so happy! (Sweet)

On Jakes team, we were in charge of the treat and drink today. After Kaylee's game was over we went to the field that Jake plays on, all pumped up and ready to go for our third game of the day, just to find out that I got the time completely WRONG!! For some reason I had in my head that his game was at 10:30 and instead it was at 8:30. (Bitter) So frusturating! I don't know how I let this one get by me, but it sure did. I could just picture those cute little 4 and 5 year olds, so thirsty after their game and ready for a snack, just to find out that we were supposed to take care of that and didn't even bother to show up! (Bitter) And to think that we were at the soccer fields anyway, watching Kaylee's game, oblivious to the fact that Jake had a game going on too! I took this way harder than Jake, he didn't even shed a tear, while I'm trying to hold back the tears because I felt awful letting him and his team down. Casey was there to laugh at me (as usual) and shake his head saying, "Krysta, in the eternal perspective this isn't a big deal." (grrrrrrr) I know I will think that too when I look back and read this, but I still feel bad!


Andrea said...

I am going to tell you my favorite quote from Russell M. Nielson. "Men are that they might have joy, not GUILT TRIPS." I know haw you feel though. I am feeling so guilty because Stella missed her first dance lesson this morning because we are in Arkansas house hunting. It is so hard to do everything. Jex will also miss his soccer game tomorrow, because we won't let him play on Sunday. Your doing a great job, don't be so hard on yourself.

Stephanie said...

You guys (Krysta & Andrea)are some of the best mom's I know! Don't worry, it'll just get worse.;) I am constantly forgetting things or having to make choices between two good things that my kids need to do. Oh and the other day I forgot to send Katie to Achievement day even though I had just talked to her teacher about an hour before! Oh dear, mothers! Hang in there. You'll make it. We are that we might have joy! (Love that Andrea!)

Letti said...

Your husbands right but I would have felt bad too. At the next game the kids won't even remember but if it makes you feel better you can bring your snacks and tehy will have two sets.

Malinda Karpowitz said...

I did the same thing with Jordan's last t-ball game and I was balling in the car. As mom's we have too much gilt.

Bre said...

You are such an amazing mom! Dont be so hard on yourself, I know easier said than done, all of us girls for sure would take it as hard as you, but really it is not a big deal and its not as if you were home in bed or something! YOu are a busy mom and you had GOOD intentions, you were there just not at the same time:) We all do it, no worries, they will for sure understand!!

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