Monday, May 12, 2008

{ Our CRAZY But Fun Monday... }

started out with a mad dash to the bus stop, barely making the bus, but we made it so that was good. Kaylee's back pack broke right before she left for the bus, so we had to throw all of her things in a different bag really quick. After she was on the bus I realized that I forgot to get her lunch money out of her back pack and send it with her. Darn it!! Today was her "Field Day" at school, where they are outside all day long playing games, having races and water wars. I was planning on taking the boys and spending the day watching their school activities. When I called to see what time they were eating lunch that day, they told me 10:30. So I did my Monday chores (dusting and cleaning the bathrooms) in record time this morning (I could have been an Olympian house cleaner today) got us all ready and made it with plenty of time to spare for lunch (of course they were late and not ready to eat lunch, but atleast I was there on time, for once). When we got there they were playing tug of war. It was a lot of fun to spend the day there and see what "Field Day" was all about. Kaylee had been talking about it forever, so excited!

This is one of Kaylee's really good friends in her class. She is also in our ward.

Here's where the water wars started. This is the part that they were the most excited for.

The teacher in charge of the water games had too much fun spraying them with the hose. Jake and Drew were so sad that they couldn't join in the fun. I told them that I would take them home and spray them down with OUR hose! They laughed at me and said "REALLY?!"

Here is Kaylee after she was completley drenched and ready to go home.

After school was over we loaded everyone in the car and headed out to run some errands. My last stop was Sam's so I grabbed a pizza for dinner on our way out, came home and shoved it in the fridge and then headed right back out the door for Jakes first T-Ball practice. Every Monday at 5:30 (there goes our Monday nights). It was a lot of fun though. It's a team mostly made up of kids in the neighborhood, so it will be fun to get out and meet more people that live around us. Jake played great and figured out that the best spot to stand is where the pitcher would stand (since you don't have one in T-Ball) and he was able to catch all the balls. Here's some pictures of him playing.

Not being home all day long is soooo tiring!! It's scary thinking that this is just the beginning of a hectic schedule. I have a feeling that it's not going to get any easier the older they get, just harder. So, I guess we're in this for the long run. But for now, having them involved in ONE extra thing at a time is good enough. Not more than that. Now all I want to do is go and veg in front of the T.V. and see how 'Dancing With The Stars' went tonight. Bye!


casey_moes said...

Good Job Honey! Thanks for keeping me involved (even when I'm 1000 miles away.) I love that you are able to blog and that we can all enjoy it!

Tell the kids "hello and I love them". Give them all a great big hug. Love you!

The Johnson's said...

You're right Krysta--it only gets worse as they get older (worse meaning--you run from one place to another). I can't remember a day when I didn't have to leave the house. Sounds like the kids had a fun day at least--isn't that what it's all about anyway! Hope you have a relaxing Tuesday!

Stephanie said...

What a day! You're right it doesn't get any better, but it's a lot of fun! Enjoy it, one day we'll look back on these days and miss them. ;)

Beth Curtis said...

I loved field days! How fun. They are growing up! ode to blogging:
I am so glad that we all have blogs. It makes it seem that we are not so far away! I love seeing everyone grow up and still feel like we are involved.

Stephanie said...

Oh Krysta! Your days sound like mine (: It does get more hectic as they get older, but I love watching Kala at school events. Their shirts are really cute. Did they make them at school or did you have to make it at home?

Krysta said...

They made them at school. Me and a few other moms went in to help them rubberband them one day and then one of the moms took them home and dyed them. Each first grade class had a different color.

Lindz & Nick said...

That sounds like so much fun!You are super busy all the time. I can see that it will only get busier the more involved all the kids get!I love to see pictures of them growing up! I miss you guys so much. I miss seeing the kids all the time! July can't come soon enough. What are the exact dates you guys are coming? It's funny every time you say something that the "kids" said I can totally hear each of their voices in my head! I love it! Miss you tons!

Andrea said...

I am glad to see that someone has crazy days just like we do. I am impressed that you got the housework done. I just let that go. I am no good at housework these days. I am hoping to pick it up again soon.

Bre said...

Well done, you are super mom! What a fun and busy day! So that is what I have to look forward too huh?! WOW, I am already out of energy with 2 kids and they are 2 and 3. CRAP! jk. THey are such beautiful kids. I know I said that already:)

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