Wednesday, July 9, 2008

{ Happy Birthday Kaylee, Britney and Drew }...

Kaylee and Drew have a birthday within 4 days of each other. Kaylee's is on the 5th of July and Drew's is on the 9th. Their cousin Britney's birthday is right in the middle on the 7th. We have been celebrating the girls birthdays together since Kaylee was 2 and Britney was one. When Drew came into the mix we just added him right in there and started celebrating the 3 of them together. We have had tons of fun doing this over the years. The kids love it and I think they would be lonely celebrating with out each other. This was a major highlight of our trip for them.
We went to a place called 'Bouncing off the Walls' in Salt Lake. It was so much fun! They charge you by the room instead of by the person. So we invited the whole family and were able to visit with everyone that Casey might not have had the chance to see before he flew back to Houston for work. The room is full of these huge blowup bouncing things, like a big slide a bounce house and tons of other things. We all had fun, even the adults were joining in on everything.

Here's Drew climbing up to the slide.

Casey and his brother Kent playing this basketball game.
Drew got some cowboy things for his birthday. Here he is with his cowboy hat.
Britney opening some presents.
Kaylee's turn.
The girls always get a couple of gifts that are the same. Then they have so much fun playing with them together.

Here was our party group. We were so glad that everyone could come. It was great to see everyone and I'm sure we'll have one more family party before we leave.

Thanks to Grandma for planning this fun day for the kids and for the rest of us!


Andrea said...

It looks like you are having a great time. I sure miss you, but I understand.

I am glad that you are enjoying time with your family. I so wish that I could be there also.

happy Birthday to the kids... it looks like it was a great day.

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