Friday, September 5, 2008

{ My Favorite Place }...

Me, my aunt Barbara, Kaylee and my mom.
I thought I would share a little bit about my favorite "girl" place EVER...downtown McKinney, Texas. Some of you already know about my love and addiction for this place. This is the one place that truly inspires me with my home. They have one of a kind things and ideas. Lots of times I will go to Hobby Lobby on a search for something I saw in McKinney and I want to do a remake of it, but it's not ever quite the same as really catching a good find in McKinney. I was lucky enough to spend a little bit of bonding time there with my mom, my aunt and my little Kaylee a couple of weekends ago. I found some fun finds and great deals (I think anyway). Here's a little bit about what I bought and where it went in my house:

Let me explain:I went with the intention of hunting down a small rectangular table for the kids hallway upstairs, but no luck with that. Instead, I found lots of small things that makes for nice detail in any random place. I love details. A place isn't quite finished until you've got a little something extra. The rod iron piece under my cooking utencils was only $4.00. The "K" in Kaylee's room was on sale for $7.00 (it's hanging from ribbon). The little bird was $4.00. The next two things actually serve a purpose for me (believe it or not). The little ribbon board is just a titch bigger than a 5x7. It has a picture stand on the back of it, so it sits just like a frame does. It also has ribbon on the back that I could hang it with if I wanted. This was only $6.00. I love this because I ALWAYS have tons of notes sitting in front of my computer to remind me of a million different things. I was using post it notes to keep them down and in the same spot, but it was leaving marks on my desk. Now all of my notes actually look cute and I don't find them on the floor. ( I had more notes than this, but this was a good time for me to get them all cleaned out). The little jewelry box is for the sake of me and my husband. I wear those two rings and bracelets every day. I put them by my sink at night because I'm too lazy to put them away and dig them out every morning. A couple of weeks ago, one of my bracelets fell down the drain. It happened to be a bracelet that I've had for a long time and I wasn't ready to part with. I sent Casey to the store to get the supplies he needed...more than $30.00 later and a whole nights worth of work he got my bracelet. He wasn't too happy, so now I have it all in this safe little holder that sits by my sink!

Pretty much every time I go to visit my mom and aunt, one of them gives me something to bring home. I LOVE THIS! Who wouldn't? This time it was something from each of them. My mom gave me that little wicker box. Here's where I put it:

I had an idea of where I wanted to put it even before I brought it home. This is my entry way. It's a good size and sometimes doesn't have that cozy feel that I want. This cozied it up for me. As for the cute shabby chic board. I'm going to hang onto that until I find a table for the hallway. I want to hang it above the table and either hang my kids pictures from the hooks (since it's next to their rooms) or hang the letters of their first names on it. We'll see...I have to find the table first.

This is another idea I got from McKinney that I want to do:

I like the clear jars with the flowers in them. I want to put a lamp on the table and then 3 of these. The only problem is I don't have any idea what I'm looking for in a table other than the size. It's one of those "you'll know it when you see it" kind of things.

Do you remember seeing some jars (above in the picture of what I bought) with the keys on them? Well, I was moving them around all over the place trying to find a good spot of them broke. So sad, but I'm lucky enough to be saved by my aunt. Thank you Barbara! She went back to get me one and it's in the mail. I will tell you more about those when I have it all finished!

Long post, I know (sorry), but hopefully it was worth the read!! :)


Tara said...

This is totally eye candy for me! I love wandering around home decorating stores and craft stores looking for ideas, but it's not working so well for me right now with my 6 week old! Thanks for giving me my fix. :)

angie said...

Looks like fun! How the heck do you keep all your things in your house in the place you put them? If that was my house my kids would DESTROY everything. I would have to cut off their hands to keep everything looking nice! So how do you do it?

Andrea said...

so fun!! I am inspired to spruce up some more. I love the 5x7 board for notes. I need something extra for my desk, and that would go great. I think I am going to make one. It would be so simple. I think... anyways, thanks for the ideas, and I think we need to make time to hit Mckinney when I come in Nov. we can make a quick trip right?

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing! I love your decorating ideas! You do have such an eye for details. Keep the pictures coming!

Heidi Parson said...

Such cute stuff!! AHHHH! Idaho drives me crazy sometimes I wish we had great little shops like you have there in Texas, I'm so jelous!

Beth Curtis said...

everything is ADORABLE! I love McKinney. Who knows if I will ever be able to go back :( I will live it through you.

Emily Hansen said...

You have such a creative mind! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!

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